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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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In the meantime, the second floor of the curved section with rooms has been installed. The large crane was removed yesterday.
And a drone was spotted above the site. Whether this is from Phantasialand itself or whether we will again see illegal footage is unknown. ;)
Source: Phantafriends


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Currently, most assume that the entrance will be on the left. There would also be room for a small driveway.


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Also spotted at the park today.



A lot of the scaffolding on the sound barrier wall along Maus au Chocolat has been removed as work seems to be done with lots of theming details like pipes, ropes, pulleys, rollers for the faux gates etc. having been added.
Screenshot from the above YouTube video

Maybe the entrance for the hotel??
Would imagine they are just trying to create an impressive façade to the park exterior as well to blend with the actual hotel entrance building to the left.
Matamba and Ling Bao have their large eye-catching imposing buildings to be seen from outside - while Charles Lindbergh would otherwise not have such an exterior profile since the actual hotel buildings are within the area itself.


These graphics from Tobi on PhantaFriends.de have already been posted but just to add some more context - Tobi's first graphic obviously depicts Towers 1, 2, 3 + 6. He notes that they've really made the hotel fit around the coaster track and made very good use of the clearance envelope with how closely interwoven they are.
As of 11th October when he made these he believed there to be 78 rooms made out of prefabricated concrete parts already installed (at least 6 more have been added since I believe). Additionally there are 3 other rooms not built in this style which he thinks will also be hotel rooms.
Given the hotel is nearing completion Tobi makes a safe prediction that there should be 111 of these rooms, plus the 3 other rooms - so Hotel Charles Lindbergh would have a total capacity of 114 rooms. Matamba has 117 and Ling Bao 175 rooms for comparison.

The new curved rows of rooms are on a higher level than those neighbouring; presumably to create an higher ceiling for the hotel lobby which will be partly underneath (with the entrance undoubtedly being from this left corner of the site).


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When you look closer to the container...you can see a door...its a container for the vekoma installation supervisor, with tools etc. That they used while installing the coaster.


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Massive thanks to all for updates particularly @CSLKennyNI for the great summaries.

(I should really say this in every thread, makes the forum great)

I know that this project has been dragging on a ridiculous amount of time but it’s so ridiculously cool I still find myself so excited, even if it’s mostly concrete updates. Taron is one of my favourite things to ever happen so to think a flying version, steampunk, near-misses with a hotel, scenery everywhere including above you - it’s going to be bloody great.