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Phantasialand Expansion Land Sale Approved


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A significant win for Phantasialand in their decades of fighting for an expansion. The NRW state government has at last agreed to sell to the park the land west of the park which has been the subject of the last 10 years of expansion debate.

However before we celebrate too early - now the final hurdle is the local council to approve planning. However the current council is anti-expansion so they probably will need to wait until the next election in few years to see if there’s a change in parties. Nevertheless this is a big unexpected step towards expansion and the most significant development in 20 years. One major hurdle down, one more to go...

Good news for # Brühl, good news for #phantasialand 🥳! The NRW cabinet today decided to sell the land owned by the state, which Phantasialand 🎢 needs for the urgently needed expansion, to the amusement park by swapping land. Our thanks 🙏 go to the FDP state parliament members of the Rhein-Erft-Kreis Ralph Bombis and the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis Jörn Freynick, who campaigned for it on the FDP side. Now the ball is back with us in Brühl - it will be interesting to see how the parliamentary groups in the Council will position themselves in this regard


The land in question. Phantasialand's owner Robert Loffelhardt spoke about the park's master plan in an interview with Parkworld Magazine in 2014 at the opening of Chiapas. Obviously his hope they'd get it in 2014 didn't work out but I imagine this evening he is finally somewhat relived.
"The most important thing is to bring the park to a higher level, so that all of the rides are modern 'e-ticket' attractions,' muses Loffelhardt. "That is the first step, but we also want to go for more hotels and evening entertainment, because business events are important to us when the park is closed. And then I think we go the next step and open the park for the whole year, but for that we need a second concept, and I think that will be a nice waterpark. We have been working on getting the extra land for the last 10 years, but I think this year we will get it".
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Huge plot, and away from dwellings!!! Shame it will take a while to get planning.

The local council need to consider the revenue that the park already brings to the area, as well as the jobs it generates. a plot this size could significantly increase both!!!

It's not like the park causes any major traffic issues, with the proximity to the main road. And by the looks of that map, carefully selected building / screening on the very north of the triangle would alleviate any noise issues. (Stick a hotel / car park here with screening.)

Anyway, can't wait to see how this pans out and what they actually have planned. Second gate really wouldn't bother me in the slightest! I like to stay multiple days anyway!

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Will they be finally putting Mr. "No guests in my car park and also there shall be a train running through said car park" out of business?


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I've heard talk of Phantasialand going full out with a new waterpark on said expansion site for awhile, anybody consider it valid?


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phantasialand is probably the best park in the world for this sort of thing to happen to. I wonder how much the neighbors appreciate they're literally holding back the creme de la creme of theme parks from theme-park-ing even better


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It seems Phantasialand suggested some barter with another forested plot of land they bought somewhere else. They really got creative to convince the officials... This is the official document (in German though):

Here's a translation:
In order to expand the Phantasialand amusement park in Brühl, the 8th amendment to the Cologne regional plan has identified a western expansion area in accordance with the site security concept, with the objective of "expanding the general settlement area (ASB) for specific uses (Phantasialand)" (announcement in the GVBI.
NRW 2013, p. 153). After the change in the regional plan comes into force, it is the responsibility of the city Brühl, as part of their planning sovereignty, to adapt the land-use planning for this area to the changed goals of spatial planning. From the point of view of the city of Brühl as well as from the point of view of Phantasialand, in the past.
The ownership of the land in the expansion area as an essential imponderable for perceived the procedure. The operating company of Phantasialand intends therefore to advance the long-standing expansion project for the Phantasialand amusement park in Brühl by purchasing this expansion area. With the negotiated property exchange contract, the special situation on site is taken into account and added value for nature conservation is achieved, but at the same time the interests of the contracting party with regard to taking possession of the area are taken into account and signals that the state will not oppose the regional planning goals.
The contract stipulates that the state will receive a forest area with a size of 38.82 hectares directly adjacent to the existing state forest in exchange for the expansion area to be surrendered. After the development plan has come into force, there is a claim for additional payment, which Phantasialand fulfils in the form of a cash payment and which is earmarked for the further consolidation of the state forest of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
For the respective valuation, forest valuation resp. Market value appraisal prepared. The transfer of ownership on both sides will not take place until the city has entered into force. Brühl development plan no. 06.01. The as part of the land-use planning. The contract does not anticipate the tests to be carried out and the regulations to be met. Phantasialand has to take over and implement the resulting requirements.


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We have seen what Phantasialand can do.
This is great news. Curious what they want and gonna do. And what they can do (regulations and stuff).