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Phantasialand | Deep In Africa - Adventure Trail| 2022


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I kinda wish they just built a tunnel to the plaza before Chiapas’s entrance, tbh. It’s awkward having to go up a flight of stairs in Berlin only to then have to descend another flight of stairs in Mexico just to get to it. They tore out a section of the Berlin street to make the Rookburgh tunnel, so this shouldn’t be unfeasible.
That is impossible for now, there is a road that leads from the main entrance to a parking area near Mystery Castle and River Quest entrance, it was taking stairs up or stairs down into a tunnel.


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Wow! I never noticed there was public road running through the middle of the park. Energylandia should take lessons in hiding their own road.


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Imagine there will be hell to pay for this leak - but a local newspaper has got hold of some pictures of the demolition of Hollywood Tour



And a couple more from Looopings




Meanwhile the boats are all still sitting on the staff/events car park
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This is a public road and it's not only to the parking area. Most likely it will never be removed and the way the park handles it is pretty amazing. You don't really notice it except for the stairs. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Lenterbachsweg,+50321+Brühl/
To their credit, Blackpool Pleasure Beach have done an similar job with Watson Road. I often wonder how many people are not aware there's a road beneath their feet... Watson Road even allows for a good amount of natural light!!!


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We went through this on our goon trip to the park last weekend. It was very extensive and a lot of fun. Some areas were blocked off, mostly the water related ones, but there was still lots to do. Definitely a few confined spaces for adults as a couple of us banged our heads climbing up tight staircases. The bits where you can see Black Mamba were great!

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You may recognise a few faces here. Who'd have guessed @Howie would be the most graceful on the pole? :D