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The Fanta Wild Group plans a new Themenpark in the united arb. emirates.

Wanda Group planned a Tourism Vacation District in Jinghong City.

A second International Tourism Vacation District is in Dalian in the works. This park would be the largest in China. This areal built on 9,5km2.

last but not least the Group will built a 300.000m2 Indoor Themenpark this will be the biggest in the world.

Link: Kirmes und Park revue 01/2013 IAPPA 2012


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We've considered these type of topics before and decided against them.

The problem is that there are dozens of "theme parks" rumoured each year, but it's rare that any of them actually will have a coaster (we're COASTERForce after all).

Then there's the fact that very few ever come to light. So you just end up with a topic filled with information on parks that are never going to see the light of day.

THEN there's the fact that a lot of the parks are in places of no real interest to a lot of people. The rumour of a set of gardens and a fountain in the middle of India doesn't really affect most of the users who live in the US/Europe.

Finally, any parks that do happen to come to pass AND have coasters get lost in the miasma of every other bit of junk anyway and there's a new topic started for them.

So in reality, the whole topic is completely superfluous.

Hence the reason I'm locking it :)

I'll unlock it if 20 users PM me with a good reason and a promise to use the topic.
Not open for further replies.