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Parc Astérix | Toutatis | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023


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The environmental study was published last week. On this, it is said that the project is called Toutatis. Dunno if it will be the coaster name at the end.

But, as Toutatis is a celtic god, it would make sens. After all, we already have zeus in the greek zone, Oziris in the egyptian one, so why not Toutatis in the gaule zone ?
Moreover, in the Asterix comics, they tend to "swear" to Toutatis, as we do now sayin' oh my god or all the expressions related


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Some new concept artwork for Toutatis:

and here is some more info as well.
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Deejay-fluzzy on Coastersworld has made a very interesting discovery online. He found the construction planning of Toutatis :


The construction of the ride itself is set to be between january and june 2022, but the ride wouldn't operate before march 2023 after adjustements and testing. The buildings, theming and road works will be donne between october of this year and february 2023.


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I am so mad that parc asterix are doing a neolithic themed coaster. Was such a gaping gap in the theme park world to do a theme on druids and pagans and standing stones, was gonna be my break out RCT3 > real life concept and i feel liked ive been ROBBED

(its gonna be so cool im so mad)


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Looking at where it all is, I can't really see any other way into the area than through the current backstage path to the right of Trace du Hourrah's entrance and bathrooms, and then crossing under the coaster.

Parc Asterix.jpg

Sounds ripe for a bottleneck (and that route along Hourrah is pretty busy as is), but unless they carve out another entrance from the main street area I guess it's unavoidable. Should get some good views of the back spike from the splash boats, though.
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You'll get some good views from the bob!
Any news on when footer work will start?
Land clearing apparently started very recently going by this post (when I visited back in July it was still all a forest):