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Parc Astérix | Pégase Express | Gerstlauer Family Launched

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Is this how the building appears from within the park? The whole ride looks pretty great, but this building is a bit of a let-down. I assume it's mainly visible from the other side?

Well that's because this building isn't done yet :p Here's more pictures showing progress on the shed among other things:



A really random headchopper. The coaster looks even better with the grass :)




"Retard" means delay in French. They really like poking fun at our railways don't they ^^


Source: Crea-coaster on Coastersworld.fr


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"Retard" means delay in French

Totally off topic but fun fact. Disneyland Paris recently sold a t-shirt with the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland on with his usual quote about being late. In French the saying uses the term "retard" so they had loads of shirts with the word plastered all over it. It was soon pointed out and discontinued :p

I'm quite excited to see what they put on that headchopper billboard, I imagine it'll be something quite amusing.

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Soft opening has started on Pégase!

I was able to find some queueline pics from some passholder:



The middle counter sign says: "Lost and found property" and "CLOSED as we need to find the keys. Please go to the information desk"




Source: AlpinaCoasters

You need to validate your ticket with... your hand? :eek:

Seems like Astérix did it again with their tongue-in-cheek humor!

EDIT: Some on-ride footage has emerged!

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Looks like a really solid family coaster! The layout looks really fun and twisty. Nothing to shout at, but I do think it'll be a success.

Interesting placement for the maintenance bay. If something happens in the station, then they have to send the train out regardless.

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