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I don't think El Toro is an odd number one as I personally have it in my top 10 but I guess it's less common than Steve etc. I considered putting Beast as my number 1 over Taron and I get constant hate on the forums for liking Beast so some might consider that odd (but then again Beast is pretty popular in general terms). Montu was my number 1 before Taron which is sort of uncommon but not super odd.


Not many other folks seem to have crowned Hyperion #1 which I found a little surprising. I was genuinely astonished to see people saying they thought Shambhala was better.

I guess it's a little short and unrefined, plus it's a car park coaster. However I love it as it's pretty different to any other hypers out there, it's the World's tallest inverting coaster, has bags of ejector airtime, and the first drop and the turnaround are insanely fun.


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I'm on the SV band wagon. Weirdest #1 I've probably had for a time was Ravine Flyer II, which stayed up there for a few years, until Voyage took over.