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Oblivion - Front or Back Row?

Front or Back?

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Hyper Poster
I'm not sure if this has been fone before or not. I had a look and couldn't find anything.

Do you prefer the front or back row on Oblivion?

The front row has a better view. You also get tilted more on the holding break.

The back has more airtime and the higher seats making it floorless.

Which is your favourite row to ride?


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
Back row can crawl into the hole, and die. It's floorless, ugh, it's not got the view, ugh.

Front is amazing.


Giga Poster
The front gives a nice floorless feeling (trying to put my feet on the bar infront of me), and lets you see the hole that you are about to enter.

Martyn B

CF Legend
A-Kid said:
(trying to put my feet on the bar infront of me)

For that reason alone I love the front, my legs are nice and long, well long anyway, so I can easily rest them on that bar, and when you drop, its as if your standing up leaning forward, which gave me an incredible adrenaline rush.


Hyper Poster
bazpa said:
Front - better view and more of a tilt. The queues for each row show which is the best
Not really because most of the time the ride ops guide which row to sit at.

I find the back scarier for some reason. I think it's how if u look at your feet you can actually see more of the track going down. Also you dive over the edge of the drop more than being at the front.

I would say I like both equally.


Giga Poster
If I had the choice for one ride it would be the front, purely for the view and putting your feet up on the bar is fun.

But the airtime in the back is superb, which makes it almost better then the front. Also if you push yourself up in your seat, its amazing because your head is above the whole train.

Dont try that if your extremely tall though, or you might get decapitated by the hole :lol:


Strata Poster
"All ride positions offer a front seat view"... except the ****ing back row, from which you can savour the joys of the back of 8 heads, and half a ride car. Wonderful.

I always like being able to see, so there's little competition.


The Legend
Staff member
Social Media Team
I haven't even ridden it and I know that answer. Front row without a doubt. The view, the rush, everything is better in the front row. I can't wait to ride Griffon this summer to get the real feel for a Diver.


I like being in the front of roller coasters so I guess the front.


Mega Poster
Having eventually ridden both on the Front and Back row, i can safely say the front is better (in my opinion lol).

Since i am practically terrified everytime, and i'm just not as much on the back row....


Giga Poster
I'm one of the only people who prefers the back!

Yes, there is a trade off because the view isn't quite so good, but there's more of a kick going over the drop at the back of the train.


Hyper Poster
I love the front, and it's one of the few coaster sthat I prefer from the front rather tahn somewhere else.

Hanging over is what gets it for me. At the back, I don't care what Wardley or anyone says, you can't see as well as you can at the front. It works so much better for me.

But, as long as there's a nice gap between myself and my harness, I don't care where I sit :wink:


Mega Poster
I've never actually sat in the back, been lucky enough to get front every time. Seeing the track just disappear as you crawl around the top is something I will never forget from my first ride, I doubt you would get that in the back. That coaster's all about visuals for me, so front.


Roller Poster
Front is the best purely because you can see more when your hanging at the drop, but the back row isn't bad.


Staff member
I've never actually noticed any real difference at all. It's just too subtle for the likes of me (plus, being tall I tend not to notice the people in front of me on the ride) :)

I can imagine Griffon and Sheikra both being very different though due to the extra sets of seats. You lucky US bunnies!

Thrill Yeti

Roller Poster
I definetley prefer the front. You get an awesome view of the drop and I love the mist hitting your face as you enter the tunnel. You seem to get more of a sense of speed at the front as well.