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I'm going to Oakwood in a couple of weeks and have a few questions.

Are there ORPs for any rides? (I'm guessing Speed and Megafobia if any)

I'm guessing the queues will be quite substantial due to the time of year, so does anyone have any tips on order of rides or whatever?

Where is the best place to eat?

Thanks in advance.


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Megafobia, Speed and Hydro (sorry, Drenched) have ORPs IIRC.

Queues should be ok, apart from Speed which has a slow throughput.

Best place to eat? Pass, can't remember, it's been a long time. There is a cafeteria near the entrance so that's probably your best bet.


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Oakwood is really odd... If it's not busy, you won't get everything done. If it's busy, you probably will :lol:

It's a very chilled park, so if the queues aren't huge, you tend to really take your time and then end up missing out.

However, the park is tiny. It's about 5 minutes from one corner to the other if you rush, so you don't need to worry too much about bouncing around the park.

Must do's include Waterfall, Bobsled and the Pirate Ship (one of the best swings there is (or it was anyway)). Though if the queues are terrible, miss out the Bobsled.

Food in the cafe on the hill by the Sky Coaster is actually really good quality for a theme park. Well worth eating there, but the burger place by Bounce isn't dreadful. Bounce IS dreadful however :lol:

The dark ride (whatever it's called now) is also very poor, but worth going on for exactly that reason!

Expect a very long wait for Hydro too - so maybe leave that until you've grabbed everything else you want to do (it doesn't usually open until after lunch anyway).

Though it's been a couple of years since I last went :)

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When I last visited in 2006, they had this really nice chicken place near Spooky 3D, though it may not be there anymore...