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Fantastic beasts - Nothing happened!
Brief, but accurate.

To elaborate a little, it really felt similar to the new Star Wars trilogy in that each film appears to want to undo what was stated in the previous one. One film makes a huge reveal, the other states it wasn't a big deal after all. One film introduces pointless character without doing much with them, the next film offs the character without much ado. One film shows a main character making an important choice, the next film decides undoes the choice without dwelling with the implications.

I think Ryan George of "Pitch Meetings" summarized this style of filmmaking the best. To paraphrase: "they wanted to have a lot of impactful scenes, but didn't want to deal with the actual impact."


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Earlier in the week I saw an early (for the UK) screening of Everything Everywhere All At Once in IMAX. I'd seen a lot of hype surrounding this movie since it's State-side release so I was pretty eager to see it. I think it takes a little while to get going but once things start to pick up it's an absolutely wild ride, it's hilarious, emotional and the action sequences are inventive and exciting. The cast do an incredible job, just seeing Jamie Lee Curtis in a film like this is surreal and this is easily Michelle Yeoh's best performance. Highly recommend and be prepared for things to get weird.

Then today it was time for more multi-verse action, this time from Marvel, Doctor Strange 2. I liked it but it's not great. I'm not a huge fan of Raimi's style and at times it felt a bit too old school and not in a good way. I'm surprised Marvel/Disney were willing for things to get as gory and "scary" as it does. There's a scene that sticks out for me more than the rest of the film and I think it's worth seeing just for that portion of the film (if you like Marvel films).
Like most Marvel films there is a mid-credit and post-credit scene.

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Doctor Strange 2:

Honestly, I had high hopes for this one. With all the recent 'multiverse' stuff that's been going on in the previous marvel films and TV shows , I felt like these were all building up to this film however I was fairly let down. One of the huge issues I had with this film was that if you haven't got Disney+ and weren't able to watch WandaVision, you'll likely be at a loss as to what's going on. There was a certain scene from this film as well that really made me roll my eyes....
there's another book!?…..of course there is, otherwise the story would be at a loss :rolleyes:

I did like the introduction of the new character 'America' however. The chemistry between her and Strange really hit off and made the film a bit more enjoyable. Also....some good cameos but I won't say which.

The Batman:

Hmm, tough one. I really liked the set up of this film, the atmosphere and Pattinson's batman were pretty decent. But the storyline...not a fan. The whole film just felt like one long detective case and whilst I get what this film was trying to, I felt like it wasn't leading in any new direction. The main villain started off as creepy but then started to get a tad annoying, and then at one point I was cringing with how forced the acting seemed.

I don't think it helps when I've seen the likes of The Dark Knight trilogy however. Those films, in my opinion, are near perfection.

Fantastic Beats - Secrets of Dumbledore:

I kind of wish they never started making the fantastic beasts films as each one seems to get worse. Whilst I do agree that Mads Mikkelsen did a great job at playing Grindewald, I found that the whole film had a weird feeling to it after knowing about the whole Johnny Depp fiasco. Guess it couldn't be helped but it was no reason for the poor storyline.