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Got round to seeing Now You See Me

Eh. It was flashy and fun, cast was good, acting was reasonable. The idea was pretty cool, everyone with a heart loves magic, and the explanations for the early heists were decent. But it dragged on and the final twist was a bit ridiculous. I didn't expect it at all, which impressed me, but it had no real explanation:
Sticking Mark Ruffalo in a hoodie into flashbacks is not an explanation. Although with hindsight I did like the hint about his absentee father
It was still entertaining, worth a watch: 7/10

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^ My family has been making fun of Now You See Me's twist all summer. SOOO stupid. I didn't see it coming because it didn't make sense. It wasn't explained and didn't go with the story. Just a last minute attempt to have a twist. Also, that hoodie.


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Saw two films today. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in 3D.

I loved the first film so much I went and read the entire Percy Jackson series of books. I've never done that before. It semi-ruined the first film for me because they left so much out that would cause a huge knock-on effect for the rest of the series. This is oh so very evident in this second instalment. They've had to mess around with so many of the character arcs and locations to try and make it work it gets a little silly. Some of the dialogue in the film was so bad it was like they copied it out of 'the room'... yeah that bad. I didn't like the many scenes of talking to nothing where he just whines, he felt like he was moaning about the same thing again and again and it's pretty much treading on similar topics that featured heavily in the first film.

I dunno, I suppose it works if you don't know the source material and this is only the second franchise where I've read the original material (Bond being the other lol) so maybe this is how everyone else feels when the film version totally rapes the source to make it more 'film-friendly'. I so wanted there to be party-Chiron :(

Rating: 3/5

The Lone Ranger

A decent film for the family but it all just feels so ripped straight out of other films (Wild Wild West springs to mind). I know it's based off a TV show and so you have to include references to that but it just all feels old like we're seeing nothing new. It still has the odd amusement to keep ya going though and I felt like one of the characters they just copied and pasted from the Pirates films just because it worked in that so why not this. See it if there's nothing else you want to see :p


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We're the Millers

Went in thinking it would be ****, and I laughed my ass off. It's far from a great movie, but it made me laugh a lot. Jennifer Aniston was sexy, and Emma Roberts was nice on the eyes as well.


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Nic said:

Best Film I've ever seen. And I've seen The Room. Twice.

1,000,000 / 10

Gave in and watched it. It's fantastic in the same way Bad Taste is, only without actually being any good (Bad Taste IS good, really) - but is still on the right side of bad and self awareness it's superb.

Awful, awful film and utterly brilliant entertainment :)


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Red 2

It was fun. The British actors totally stole the show. Hopkins is amazing <3 The American woman was annoying though.


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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

Was worried it would disappoint, which helped as my low expectations meant I wasn't let down. It's not incredible, it's not as good as some of the tv series, but it did make me laugh an awful lot in places. The plot is ropey, the ending blows, and it drags during the middle bit in a desperate attempt to pull the story along. But it just about does enough. Not a cinema film though.

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Why does everyone love Pacific Rim? It was an overrated explosion fest. Just transformers with monsters.

Where The Wild Things Are- I love this film. It just dives right into the imagination of a child. A perfect kid's film. Fun for kids, thought provoking for adults. 9/10

Elysium- terrible. Jodie Foster was on near Tommy Wiseau levels with her acting, and I'm a fan! Directing and Editing was some of the worst I've ever seen. Just a horrendous film. 2/10

Taxi Driver- fantastic. What a well thought out and put together movie. Robert De Niro is flawless. Jodie Foster is great. What else can you say but Amazing. 9.5/10

True Romance- Written by Quentin Tarintino. I just adore this film. Such a fun film with an amazing cast. Gary Oldman (my favorite actor), Christopher Walken (another one), Brad Pitt (another one), and Val Kilmer (ehhhhhh, no). I love the love story and just about everything. 9.5/10

Nemesis Inferno

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So there was a short clip of Guardians of the Galaxy leaked or sommat, but it's lead to this...




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Re: "Now Showing"

Yeah the leaked trailer was what they showed at D23 (i think). I wasnt convinced about the film until I saw the footage, could be a very intetesting film and I had no idea they already had loads of the film finished. So yeah put me down as excited for Guardians.


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Saw The Conjuring.

Pretty intense but still some issues I pointed out but compared to most of the horror movies that have come out recently, it's pretty decent.



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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

It has a killer soundtrack and some great one-liners; but it's just not "textbook" Partridge. I was hoping for 2 hours of completely banal chatter, but it was just an action comedy with a clumsy plot. The way the film was shot was too glossy and slick, it didn't suit the humble setting of small-town Norwich. Alan's character was a bit too cocky in places, which eroded the 'loveable-twat' charm he carries in the series. It's still a fairly enjoyable film though; and interestingly, the people who I went to see it with who weren't so into the tv series seemed to enjoy it the most. Just watch it with low expectations!


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Looking for Hortense

A French 'comedy'-drama which had some of the worst subtitling I've ever seen, some places it was missing, there was a hefty delay throughout and some of the larger bits of text would just flash up not giving you enough time to read it. Urgh. [/rant] So yeah apart from that it was meh. There were some nice moments in there and I'm kinda glad it didn't just fall down the obvious route all the time. I doubt any of you will ever see it though and I wouldn't tell you to really seek it out unless you were very bored.

Kick Ass 2

I really loved the first film. I think it was because it felt a bit new and edgy despite the mass of super hero films being released. However I really didn't gel with this sequel, there were some quality moments but it didn't feel right, almost like they were trying too hard to capture the original film's uniqueness. Mother Russia is the clear highlight though <3

The World's End

FINALLY got round to seeing it. It was ok, there were some very funny moments. I think Shaun and Fuzz were both superior in terms of amusement though.


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Got around to watching Anchorman.

While it was very cheesy in some parts it was very entertaining with stupid but laugh out loud jokes and scenes. Loved the goofy characters. Overall I really enjoyed it. 9/10


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The Conjuring

Contrary to what it seems most people think, I really enjoyed this. There were great scares, good acting and a neat plot. Unfortunately, the ending was a little too happy, and the trailer really does reveal all the decent scares. I'm also not a big fan of 'based on a true story' films. Although after a small amount of research, it seems it is based somewhat on a true story. I enjoyed this far more than almost all of the exorcism films I've seen, minus of course The Exorcist and The Exorcist: The Beginning. The Conjuring was actually a relief when I backtrack to some of the crap I'd seen of the same genre (The Last Exorcism, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, The Possession).

A decent enough film, but probably best for cinemas or big tvs late at night.

Death Of A Ghost Hunter

A low budget ghost film? Well, we've seen these done well before, haven't we? LoveFilm gave me this late at night and I was too bored to argue. In all honesty, given slightly more budget and more attention to detail this could have been a good film. With four major characters, a couple of ghosts, and a minor character, Death Of A Ghost Hunter had a very small cast, sometimes that can work to the film's advantage, but when all four major characters cannot act, we have an issue. When the first full apparition is so blatantly photoshopped into the film, we really have an issue. The film did not do itself justice, and even considering its plot twist, this film did not make me excited, scared or desperate to watch it again.

A really average idea, with a good twist, executed horribly.


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Kick Ass 2

Not as good as the first one but still a very entertaining film. There were also some really funny moments in this film which no one else in the cinema seemed to get. For that i'd give it an 8/10.


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From the guy that gave us District 9 (a brilliant film) we have yet another original and exciting sci-fi. It's absolutely fantastic and everyone should check it out.

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Basically the new franchise to try and amuse teenage girls. It's alright though, the only thing dragging it down is the main female character who just seems to be amazingly oblivious to EVERYTHING. The rest of the cast are pretty good and there's some decent action sequences.

Kings of Summer

OMG, I love this movie so much and I really want as many people to see it as possible. It's a sort of coming of age film where these teens are so aggravated by their parents they build a house in the woods. It's very funny and I could just watch it over and over.