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NoLimits2 noob in need

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Hey all,

I recently bought NoLimits2. My previous coaster sim experience was RCT3. I chose NL2 because it focused on the part I enjoyed which was building the coasters. I am now understanding that NL2 is way beyond my puny RCT building skills. Can someone recommend an online beginners guide, tutorial, YouTube vids, ANYTHING that can help get me off the ground? Thanks!


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I'll add another 'thumbs up' for TheCodeMaster's videos - I've always found them to be rather good.


YES! TheCodeMaster is very helpful when it comes to NL2. The Tutorials aren't too complicated (My guess is that he was a teenager when he made the video), it goes in depth, and was even recommended by the NL2 creators themselves! Highly recommend.


For the beginning, you should stick to the advice above, maybe build a family coaster or so, but if you want to build a really smooth coaster, you should use FVD++ (it's free!). With it, you can create very realistic coasters, as FVD++ uses a method real coasters designer use as well: Force Vector Design. NL2 has a Force Vector Designer too, but to be honest, it sucks. In the FVD you don't shape the tracks, you set up the forces and roll speeds you want to have. This allows you to create smooth transitions, well shaped elements like Zero-G-Rolls or nice airtime hills, and you can be sure your ride has no unintentional bumps or jolts, since you set up the forces you want to have, there can't be any unexpected forces. FVD++ can only display tracks though, which is boring, but you can export your FVD++ Tracks to NoLimits, where you can then give it the final touch like the supports, trains, brake and launch sections, tunnels, or theming. https://github.com/altlenny/openFVD/archive/master.zip
Unzip the file, the executable is in bin -> win64.
I am telling you this because I was unsatisified with my NL2 creations, and didn't know that FVD isn't actually too hard, but extremely satisfying.