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NL Competition 9 2013 - Lose Your Lunch Riders Choice!


Slut for Spinners
Here's the Rider's Choice for the competition. Follow the following instructions:

1. Download the zip file below and unzip it.
2. Ride each ride.
3. Rate each ride individually on a scale from 1-10. This is not a ranking of the rides - just an individual score decided by you.
4. PM me your rankings for each ride in ONE private message.
5. ???
6. Profit!


Get these to me by Thursday, please.


Giga Poster
Quite a few of these rides have made me think "What the hell just happened to my face?"

Uncle Arly

Strata Poster
I assume we don't rate our own track? (I haven't competed in one of your contests, Antinos, so not sure if there were any new rules regarding that).


Strata Poster
I rate mine, but i act as if it isn't and try and judge it as fairly as possible. Some do, some don't, personal preference I think.

I'm embarrassed of my track, can't believe I sent that in.

Uncle Arly

Strata Poster
Thanks, sent my PM, Antinos.

I'm fairly happy with my track. I could do a hell of a lot better, but Spinner's have always been a weakness and the time scale made me stress with pressure. Oh well. Just a bit of fun!


Slut for Spinners
Arly, for future reference, it's up to you whether you rate your own or not. From my calculations, the difference between voting and not voting for your ride is a couple tenths and there have only been a few instances where a couple tenths have mattered.

I echo what everybody has said so far. I had to completely change how I judged the rides because of the spinning. Some rides were neutered without it.