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NL Competition 8 2013 - X Marks the Spot Results!


Slut for Spinners
This has been the best contest yet. It's also been the most interesting. Here's what I mean by interesting:

- My ride emulated Jer's style regarding landscaping. In an ironic twist, he didn't landscape at all.
- I received two fire themed rides in the same day.
- I received two music themed submissions; Octavia and Colorgasm (the original name was Wub Wub, but changed due to the submitter's set.)
- Lastly, I received an anonymous entry.

Without further ado, here we go:

My ride, with a total of 49 points, was Black Out:

In 8th place, with 25.7 points, is Hawaii Dive-O by SFOGRICH!

Your ride was not bad aside from a few banking wobbles and pumps, but you lost a ton of points from lack of innovation and uniqueness. Don't be afraid to break the mold.

In 7th place, with 30 points, is The Exalted by Youngster Joey!

Your track was smooth for the most part. Your main issue was pacing and flow. As I told Tom in previous contests, keep it on the simple side and you'll shoot up in ranking.

In 6th place, with 32.25 points, is Hyperion by Intricks!

You did a great job with creating a flowing, realistic layout, but the track was quite pumpy and there were a few banking issues. Your rides will be stunning if you utilize some of the more advanced smoothing techniques.

In 5th place, with 40.6 points, is Octavia by Error!

Very nice job with creating a realistic track. I loved how you included an element that looked much like a treble clef. There were a few pumps and banking issues which cost you some points in the end.

In 4th place, with 41 points, is Shepherd of Fire by TomahawKSU!

The biggest issue with your track was banking issues. The layout was flowing and exciting and quite colorful. Just make sure to work out any future banking issues to ensure smooth, flowing changes in banking.

In 3rd place, with 42.6 points, is The Fire Dawn by Metalhead7!

Your ride was smooth, unique and thrilling. My only suggestion would be to utilize iSmooth to really fine tune those transitions.

In 2nd place, with 44.25 points, is Colorgasm by Jer!

Colorgasm was smooth and realistic, although I was not sure about some points along the track. Your ride was a bit too sprawling in my opinion, but you did well enough to earn another silver medal.

And the winner. With 50.2 points, Towmai takes it.

Towmai was fast, intense, disorienting, and all around **** up in all the good ways. I'm fairly certain I know who submitted this, but I am not 100%. If my hunch is correct, I hope this marks the return of this member. Congratulations!


Strata Poster
I hate Zero-G fine tuning so god awful much, but I just love them so <3

Pleasantly surprised I didnt get last lol.


Mega Poster
I put so little effort into this one I forgot to delete the tunnel I used to test spacing on the break run and I placed well above any of my other submissions!!