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NL Competition 7 2013 - Bigger is Better Results!


Slut for Spinners
One more in the books.

In 6th place, with 28.8 points, is Celestial Flare by Youngster Joey!

Definitely not your best effort compared to some past entries of yours. Shaping and lack of inspiration were your downfall here. Your corkscrew was nicely shaped though.

In 5th place, with 35.9 points, is Blue Tornado and Red Raider by SFOGRICH!

Now everybody knows who to blame for causing their graphics cards to explode! BT&RR was huge and fun. There were a few pumps, jerks, places with incorrect banking, and places where a segment could have been split up, but over not a bad ride. You're also on quite a streak with painting your rides in some form or red and blue.

In 4th place, with 40 points, is Protector of the Sky by Metalhead7!

I loved the beginning of the layout and I thought the beyond vertical drop was an interesting touch. PotS felt like it meandered for most of the second half. Aside from the length, I thought your transitions were well built and the barrel roll was near perfectly shaped. Nice job.

In 3rd place, with 45.67 points, is Vespa by Jer!

The lone Intamin entry was pretty darn good, but not quite the best. While very smooth and chock full of airtime, it wasn't quite as bat **** as the top two entries. Vespa was also majorly lacking THE ejector hill entry to the twister section.

In 2nd place, with 47.17 points, is Kingslayer by TomahawKSU!

Close, but no cigar. I loved the out of control feeling the ride gave as well as the Outlaw Run inspiration. The ride seemed to meander a tad, but that did not detract much from the overall experience. Your transitions and element control are also improving. Well done!

In 1st place, with 49.17 points, is Chupucabra by Error!

Chalk another one up, Joe! Chupucabra was out of control in every good way imaginable. I can see RMC building a very similar ride in a hilly setting. The ride never let up and the layout flowed from one element to the next. Out of this world job on the upwards barrel roll.

Congrats and thank you to all who participated. Don't forget to check out competition 8 if you haven't yet!


Roller Poster
^Heh, heh, thanks, MH7, I was sort of hoping that myself! Of course, I was a little bit prejudiced! It was a lot of fun, though, because the idea was from a coaster I had in RCT2 for a "TENN Wonders" theme park, highlighting significant events and places in Tennessee. The two schools I mentioned in the track info have the oldest high school rivalry in the state, or even the entire country, to hear some tell it! It seemed a-propos to have a coaster themed after their team names and colors. This article from last year shows how much hype goes into "the big game" every year:

http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/19579742/ba ... f-the-week

As an alumnus of one of the schools, I wish I could say that the football games were always as close as the coaster races, but I'm afraid that wouldn't be true! BTW, I know it's been a while, but if those of you who took part in Comp 2 remember my "Moccasin Bend" Arrow mega-looper, it was for the same park.

At any rate, congratulations to Error for the winning track, as well as for being able to hold up such a high standard on a consistent basis! Great job on everybody else's in the comp, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the ones we missed, whether they were for this comp or any others we've had!