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NL Competition 5 2013 - Acceleration Orgasm Results!


Slut for Spinners
A few comments/critiques first:

- A lot of rides had too long of a launch. This issue lead to a drop in adrenaline in many rides.
- Many people are still not using continuous roll correctly. If a node separates two segments that have a change in roll, it absolutely must have continuous roll selected for a smooth transition or bank.
- Many still need to pay more attention to their segment lengths. Keeping segment lengths more equal will allow for more control on the track and a smoother overall ride. This issue was prevalent on a lot of the inversions in this contest; mainly the cobra rolls.

Without further ado, the results!

In 10th place is Tornado Alley by Metalhead7.

This is why we read the rules. I absolutely loved this track, but it was about 150 feet above the length limit. A simple mistake cost this track 5th place. Overall, the technique was good, but there were a few nodes lacking con roll and a few segments could have been split or resized.

In 9th place, with 20.75 points, is Evergreen by JohhnyD14!

Although Evergreen was a decently smooth ride, it lacked control and inspiration. More control points and smarter node placement would have benefited you greatly.

In 8th place, with 29.83 points, is Rock-It by Treeis!

The ideas were there and Rock-It had lots of potential, but the technique was not there. Adding con roll to all the banked points would have greatly improved the ride's smoothness. A look at Fahrenheit would have also aided in shaping the cobra roll and corkscrew.

In 7th place, with 32.5 points, is Blasting Station by Youngster Joey!

Blasting Station was another unique ride, but like the others, technique lacked. Con roll, segment length, and overall shaping were the culprits here.

In 6th place, with 34 points, is Patriot Missile by SFOGRICH!

Patriot Missile was a two trick pony, and honestly, I didn't have an issue with that. My beef is with the pumping which was caused by the large segment length. Splitting up segments and keeping them all a similar length will give you more control and eliminate pumping (the turnaround was by far the worst). I also noticed a weird banking problem in the loop caused by relative roll. Considering all of this analysis, I did like it better than Full Throttle.

In 5th place, with 36.25 points, is Nightcrawler by TomahawKSU!

Tom, you need to stop being so harsh on yourself. Your ride was not bad at all. The biggest problem you had was you chose a very technical and challenging sequence of elements. The only way to make that double roll glass smooth would be to use iSmooth. The s-turn and swooping dive was fairly well built. Just remember the KISS method next time - keep it simple, stupid!

In 4th place, with 44.17 points, is DarkRising by Snoo!

Leave it to Snoo to name a ride after his junk. DarkRising was very good looking, smooth, and well thought out. There were only a few spots where I felt that you didn't quite have total control of the track. iSmooth would have been the next step in improvement. Solid job.

In 3rd place, with 44.33 points, is Anxiety by Xpress!

Another Xpress ride that delivers! The realism was very high, the layout flowed well, the tophat was unique, and the supports were ultra realistic. My only complaint is some shaping issues. I'm not sure if you were trying for a norwegian loop, but yours was too heart shaped (not that the current product was bad at all. I quite liked it.). The overbanked turn was too banked for the speed it was taken. Lastly, the roll was very oddly shaped. A roll that wouldn't have turned so much would have probably improved the ride.

In 2nd place, with 47.1 points, is Pluto by Jer!

The only real issue with Pluto was the rolls, which are naturally going to have a small issue somewhere in there. Did you use iSmooth? That would be your next step in improvement.

In 1st place, with 50.58 points, is Mountain Man Machine by Error!

Honestly, I did not believe MMM would win on my initial view. It wasn't until I took a back row ride and saw how smooth and out of control the ride was. It was essentially Maverick meets Speed Monster meets Boulder Dash. There were only a few slight jerks on a couple nodes, but that could probably be taken care of with more equal segment length. Congratulations once again!


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I do wish I would have been able to get my entry in on time, but I guess I shall just release it in my thread.

Wonder where it would have placed.