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NL Competition 11 2013 - Simply nostalgia


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I'll keep this one as easy as possible this time. Simply give me a classic style out n back woodie. The only restriction is to keep it under 150 feet.

-No tools
-No 3Ds
-Stay under 150 feet

Ctrl+g and iSmooth are encouraged. Feel free to add terrain and water features! Judging criteria is the same:

Technique - 10 points
Realism - 10 points
Originality - 10 points
Adrenaline - 10 points
Aesthetics - 5 points
User ratings - 10 points

Total - 55 points

Due date: October 29th, 2013

Please send all tracks with your USERNAME to marcantinossi [at] gmail [dot] com.

No template - just make your track and send it to me. Any questions, feel free to ask.


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This one should be interesting, and hopefully we'll get some creative results!


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Don't know if I'll have one or not yet, but I'm curious about the one in the pic. At first I was going to guess it was in The Netherlands, on account of what looks like a windmill in the background, but they could have those at any theme park. Wherever it is, I'm guessing it's been SNBO for some time, no? If memory serves me, the one they demolished in "Smokey & The Bandit 2" looked like it was in better condition than that!


Slut for Spinners
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^It's Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake in Pennsylvania.

Aight guys, I've received two tracks. There's nine days left. Horses; get on 'em!


Slut for Spinners
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Rider's choice is up. Unless there's a massive amount of backlash, this will be the last competition of the year. Participation has tailed off, school is in full swing, and I need to take some time to come up with fresh ideas.


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Crap, the deadline has already passed, I though it was November 1st for some odd reason. Would it still be possible to send mine in? I should be able to get on my computer in about 7 hours.