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New ride at Kolmården for 2022


Mountain monkey
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By the name and artwork style, I presume this won't quite be the park's attempt to outdo and overshadow Wildfire. It has every hallmark of "family friendly" I can think of. That being said, a well executed family ride can still be fun to see.


Roller Poster
Do we think it's a coaster or a flatride? The park already has 2 standard kiddie/family coasters. Although it could be a family spinning coaster or something similar.


Giga Poster
This is an different version of it where they fly past Wildfire. And don’t miss the subtle musical reference to Top Gun in the end.

It's amazing they spent so much on 3D animation production for one small flat ride!

ricky coasters

Roller Poster
Still sometimes cannot get past the fact that Kolmarden adds rollercoasters to their zoo... it's such a strange concept for me, best I'm used to in my zoos is a good ol fashioned carrousel and nothin' else! It's way better for especially the younglings that they spend their times stimulated with the animals instead of the carnival rides in my opinion, adding a ride that distracts from the beauty of the nature, the animals, some extinct and some that should be made aware of, is an interesting choice... this ain't knockin' on the great work of Kolmarden with their video, their planning... just an observation/opinion. Anyone had a similar thought before?