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New Countdown bird...

Rachel Riley

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Giga Poster
So, you might have seen some stuff about her on the news... I'd never seen her until our receptionist came in to our office today and started talking about her. There's a big screen in reception so she invited us down at 3:25 to go and check her out.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/ar ... dress.html


Only people who fancy women are allowed to vote.


Strata Poster
I do catch the end of countdown now again again, and I would have to say...hmmm...yes.

She's 'alright', but just doesn't have the full package.

However, I would take her from behind.
I don't fancy women really, but ask anyone, I do check them out quite often, so I have to say, she doesn't have the BEST face in the world but that body is pretty damn impressive!


Giga Poster
Ewww! They made the studio all modern.. and that new bloke isnt really twice nightly whitely is he?


Can this new girl do the math - that's what i want to know.. that's what gets me hot.

(didnt watch video long enough to find out)


Giga Poster
Well that's alright then... I'll vote yes.

Although if they're desperate for ratings - i suggest a beach episode where she's in a bikini


Strata Poster
Yeah I wasn't too keen on her at first but the more I've watched her the more shes grown on me!

Shes pretty damn stunning.
Don't knock Jeff Stelling either, hes a quality presenter!


Giga Poster
I definitely would.

I watched a few epsiodes at the start when she started off but she wasn't dressed like that. She still looked great covered up although so did Carol Vorderman on some occasions.

I think I will be recording it from now on.