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New Coaster Rumor Carowinds 2014


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^ Yeah, the guy clearly doesn't speak English as his first language.
If it was a Brit or an American writing like that, your post is still pointless, yet understandable. When it's someone who's trying with a language they're clearly not proficient in, you just look like a dick.


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As much as we tend to slate Carowinds on here, I'd be glad to see this happen. It does serve as the only major amusement park draw for a sizeable geographic area (both Carolinas), so you'd like to see CF put some effort into making it a more worthwhile visit even when there isn't much direct competition.


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A wing coaster will do nicely in Caro since the park doesn't have a great line-up of good coasters. Let's hope Cedar Fair won't install a small coaster.


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I think they should send a wing rider to KD, but i wouldn't mind one at carowinds. As long as its not better than gatekeeper. But i want one at KD. Badly. If it doesn't get one next year, im gonna b mad.


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Not gonna lie, if KD just did some decent refurbishment work with the rides it has and made the atmosphere a little better it could be a really good park. Although hopefully Carowinds gets a nice big coaster, because right now everyone seems to hate Carowinds, so a new exiting coaster would be good for them.