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New B&M model incoming?


Was talking yesterday about coaster types no one has tried yet, so far all I could come up with was a hybrid invert (wooden supports with a steel track, would be exciting to go through the structure) or some kind of Star tours style vehicle but on a coaster style track. Maybe half way through the ride the sides open up and you can see what's really happening, could lead to some cool themed attractions. But the forces would be immense.

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Well since nothing has surfaced yet and we are all seem to be going for completely bonkers theories.

Might as well chuck mine in the ring.

I reckon its a misspelling on the patent and its actually a "Serf" Coaster. Once on board you will be made to do agriculture work for either Lord Claude or Lord Walter.

Reckon I've got it.


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If the past few years is anything to go by, surely a Chinese park is more likely to get a new B&M product than a Merlin park.

Sure, history would suggest Merlin, but things are very different to what they were 20 years ago. And even different to what they were 10 years ago.

Merlin got the first Dive Machine, Flyer, Wing Rider and Compact dive machine.

China got the first kiddy invert.