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Mumbai, India | Adlabs Imagica | Theme Park


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It was recently announced that Mumbai will be building India's largest theme park, built by Adlabs the park will feature India's largest coaster.

Manmohan Shetty's Adlabs Entertainment is building Rs 1,600-crore theme park on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the entertainment entrepreneur has secured two-thirds of the total project cost in debt from a consortium of 14 banks led by Union Bank.

"It took nearly 18 months to get the 14 banks to see and believe in my vision, as they did not have any previous benchmark to go by," said Shetty who will cough up the rest of the project cost as equity.

Called Adlabs Imagica, the project coming up on a 300-acre plot will redefine the theme park experience in the country, he said. It will be rolled out in three phases, with the first phase scheduled to open to the public by March next year.

Spread over 110 acres, the first phase will have about 21 international standard rides including the country's largest roller coaster and 4D stimulation rides.

Phases two and three will include a water park and a three-star hotel, Shetty said. The travel time from both Mumbai and Pune will be around one hour.

"We have chosen Mumbai as the location, since it is the financial capital of India and has the most attractive catchment to support the entire eco-system of a project of this magnitude and scale," Shetty said.

While entry prices are not yet fixed, it is expected to be around Rs 1,400-1,500 per person.

Ticket prices would form 75 per cent of the revenue, with the rest coming from food and beverages as well as merchandise sale.

Shetty said he is also open to dilute the equity in an appropriate time with the right partners and valuation. He said the theme park can accommodate 20,000 visitors at any given time and that the water park will be added in the first year itself.

"We are looking at targeting above 3 million visitors in the first year of operations," he said.

A maverick entertainer, Shetty founded Adlabs Films Ltd as an advertising films processing company in 1976. Soon, the firm ventured into feature film processing by setting up a state-of- the- art laboratory in Film City, Mumbai and processed 80 per cent of all films made.

After going public at the turn of the century and expanding into the film exhibition business, Shetty sold his stake to Anil Dhirubai Ambani Group, and two years later set up his own Walkwater Media and began producing films.

We already know the park will have a Premier coaster rumored to be the Deep Space dark ride/LSM coaster they teased at IAAPA. Premier posted the below picture and caption to Facebook recently

"Premier Rides first track shipment to India heading out!! American craftsmanship on its way to India's first major theme park being built by Adlabs outside Mumbai!!"


This is the sign from IAAPA

Job adverts are also appearing on various sites for staff positions.
http://jobsearch.naukri.com/job-listing ... 0912003782

Now it won't take much to be India's largest coaster but it sounds like they are going all out with this park and I wouldn't be surprised to see another coaster or two surface soon.

Source: http://www.vhcoasters.com


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Re: Mumbai, India | Adlabs (Dream Park?) | Theme Park

I REALLY want to see how this turns out. I loved RotM, so much, and more of these dark ride/coasters by Premier is only a good thing in my opinion.


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Re: Mumbai, India | Adlabs (Dream Park?) | Theme Park

About time India gets a real park. I think India will be opening quite a few in the next several years. Large population, disposable income increasing throughout the country, yeah, a few parks should be coming around.


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Re: Mumbai, India | Adlabs (Dream Park?) | Theme Park

Yes it's apparently what the new floorless track at the B&M factory is for

No confirmation yet but I'm looking for some.

Unfortunately I'm finding it a lot harder to find info in India than in China. probably because there is such a small industry there at the moment.


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Re: Mumbai, India | Adlabs (Dream Park?) | Theme Park


Adlabs founder Manmohan Shetty was recently interviewed about the park and if you look closely in the background what looks like a B&M coaster layout can be seen on the wall behind his head. This isn’t confirmation by any means but it certainly adds weight to the rumours.

Source: http://www.vhcoasters.com


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What bobsleigh's have you seen that look like that? That feature two corkscrews/wingovers?


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This is the location of the new park. A little south of Mumbai near Khopoli. The imagery on this says taken 2013 and it really still looks like a load of dirt. Anyone know how, if at all, that date relates to the time the picture was taken.

Bing shows a green field in the same location and lists it as 2012.


This appeared on the Premier Twitter site recently too with the words
"Final boarding call for Adlabs Imagica!"

Like Vialand I cannot see this opening this spring.


Scrap that. Just found this. THAT is freaking HUGE.... thats also the Zamperla mine train in the foreground and is that a Zamperla Junior coaster too?



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Heres some more info about the 3 known coasters I dug up today.



Explore the Wild Wild West on a family roller coaster!

This exciting coaster will take you through the world of old American West. From the ravines and the ranch grounds of the cowboys to the parlours and the saloons of the pistol wielding outlaws and sheriffs.

This ripping ride will drop you from the height of 66 feet and send you speeding through tunnels and abandoned gold mines at a thrilling speed of 65 km/h.

Apparently, this journey is not going to be an easy one. After all, surviving the Wild Wild West was always a rollercoaster ride!


Speed through the Sherwood Forest in this junior roller coaster!

Hey kids! All aboard this junior roller coaster! It will take you through the world of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

So, get into your bandit mode and gear up for a fun ride!


To the moon and back in India’s first dark roller coaster ride!

Hop on to this high adrenaline rollercoaster that takes you into outer space. You will get launched into deep space among galaxies and black holes zipping through various planets and meteors.

This coaster is uniquely constructed inside a massive dome, which itself is a sight from miles away.

The Deep Space coaster works on the Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) magnetic launch. Unlike a normal roller coaster, which makes a slow first climb, this dark coaster will shoot you to crazy speeds in a matter of mere seconds.

So, gear up for this truly out- of- this- world experience!


Interestingly there is no mention of the parks B&M Floorless but a park map does show a fourth coaster called Nitro in the Americana section. Perhaps it won’t open with the park or maybe it will be unveiled at a later date. Only Time will tell.


Source: http://www.vhcoasters.com


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^So this is how deep space turned out!


The launch is rather tame (although I believe it is a sort of family coaster), but in terms of pure steel, it's potentially superlative to all the space mountains. The inversions look good, a little airtime, potentially forceful helices, decent themeing (I do love the tunnel though) and smoothness (probably because it's a mounted pov)


No full pov yet, but this is as close we can get! (Hey, they stole Stealth's previous slogan!)


Little offride clip of the full circuit...Drop looks relatively forceful


That Discovery is fairly prodigious!


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It looks fun but the comparisons to RotM are a bit misguided, it has a lot more Flight of Fear about it and not a lot in common with RotM at all...


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It will be about 90 minutes southeast of Mumbai.The INR11 billion ($200 million) is the centre of attraction of Manmohan Shetty’s INR16.5 billion ($305 million) 300-acre entertainment district along the Mumbai-Pune expressway.This 110-acre park will employ more than 2,000 people.

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