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Most renames for the same coaster


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So Pleasurewood Hills’ big announcement is the return of Rattlesnake. Or Snake in the Grass. Or Ladybird. All depends which generation you’re from, I guess.

For a coaster that has never been relocated (yes, that’s in bold so take note), four names (albeit one used twice) must be a record of some sort...? “The Most Rebranded Coaster In the World!”

Can you name any other coaster, that has not been relocated, that’s had more different names?


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This topic, more than any other, makes me realise what high levels of geekery there are on this site.
Personally I could name two, with only a single change.
I am not worthy to be in such company...I salute you all.
David hitting a boundary within ten minutes of the topic opening...a double salute sir.


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Not a coaster but the boat ride at Alton Towers is about to open with its 4th different name and theme:
1) Around the World in 80 Days
2) Toyland Tours
3) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
4) Alton Towers Dungeon

Of course it will only be part of the new attraction, I guess the same was true when it was CATCF.