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Minute silence at 3PM


Roller Poster
Really random question: Thorpe Park, Alton, Lego land etc, have all announced that they will hold a minute silence at 3PM today for Prince Philip. How will that work? Are they going to stop dispatches 10 minute before or something to make sure no one is riding any rides during the silence?


Hyper Poster
I had to do a few of these when I was a ride op at Legoland. For a flat ride it's easy, send off the final cycle by 2:55, quick PA speech to the queue then chill in the op cabin for a few minutes. The faffiest one was Boating School/Coastguard HQ. For that ride you have to stop loading guests well before the hour and do a running offload. As the boats can't go round by themselves you have to push forwards all the empty boats so there's 20 odd empty boats floating around the front of the load platform. Then after the silence the wader jumps in the water and pushes each boat backwards into the load area individually.