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Milestones in Your Counts


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Didn't really know what to name it so excuse me for the crappy name, lol.

Do you try to get in bigger, more exciting coasters for things like your fiftieth coaster, or your hundredth coaster (or any other milestone numbers), or do you go for the kiddie coasters to make it more amusing? Or do you just not care?

Also, what are your milestone coasters?

For me, I don't really care what my milestone coasters are considering I've only had one, which was my fiftieth, and even that's not a big deal. When I get to one hundred I'm gonna make it a worthwhile coaster though. In case you're wondering, my fiftieth was Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure.

SOo, what about you guys?
My one hundredth is going to be ride of steel at Six Flags Darien Lake. I currently have ridden 97 coasters


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Oh man it's been a bit on these forums.

Currently sitting at 320 coasters and 66 parks:
100 - Coney Island Cyclone
200 - Beast at Kings Island
250 - Comet at Great Escape
300 - Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain


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1. Jr Gemini - Cedar Point
100. X-Flight - Geauga Lake
200. Superman: Ride of Steel - Six Flags America
300. Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England
400. Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point
500. Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion
You're starting to get a pattern here. :p


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You're starting to get a pattern here. :p
Definitely, although I didn't intend on 500 being Twisted Timbers! I was all set to make Jersey Devil number 500 until Dorney posted their operating calendar and showed that it'd be closed when we were in the area (we also assumed that JDC would be fully operational by our trip). I also forgot to take a lap on one of the few Visa spinners along our route that would have allowed JDC or Kingda Ka to be 500. When we got through SFGAdv, 500 was SUPPOSED to be Oscar's Wacky Taxi...until we showed up at Sesame Place and it was closed...so I decided to skip Vapor Trail for a much more worthy ride.

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After about 4 years I am back on CF. I don't know how much I am going to be posting but here we go...first post back.

1. Roller Coaster - Enchanted Forest
50. Cyclone - Luna Park
100. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure
200. New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas
300. Expedition Everest - Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom

After a 2018 where I only got 1 new cred (Sea Viper - Palace Playland) I kicked off 2019 with a trip to Florida picking up number 300 at the happiest place on earth. I also went to Busch Gardens, Fun Spot America x2, Seaworld, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Legoland and Universal. It was an amazing trip and I am already planning a graduation trip to California.

Glad to be back!

400. Lightning Rod -After 4 visits to Dollywood since it was supposed to open and it being completely closed every time plus a 2 hour wait with the ride shutting down twice during that wait I finally got in one ride for #400 !

Now begins the path to 500


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Last Tuesday my coaster count stood at 491.

Normally I'd have been heading to a half decent foreign park for the big 500 but in the current circumstances we'd instead planned a mini roadtrip, going to Alton on Wednesday, Skegness on Thursday and Drayton on Friday. There being 10 new (for us) creds at Skegness, it was looking like the milestone was going to be a big apple or similar.

Then the weather changed. It had been looking fine for all three days until the last minute, with Wednesday now being the only completely dry day. So we switched Alton with Skegness, the rationale being that we'd rather get the Skeggy creds out of the way and could return to Alton later in the year if necessary.

Went to Skegness and dicovered that one of the creds was a powered coaster, so declined to go on that. And when we rocked up to the Jellikins kiddie coaster, we got laughed at by the op and told we were too tall.

So by a nice set of circumstances, my milestone coaster list is now:
300 Boulder Dash
400 Wildfire (Kolmården)
500 Wicker Man

More than happy with that little list of quality woodies!


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100 - Steel Force

Kinda disappointing, it’s fine, but not as good as some people say. There’s some decent floater in the first half and the bunny hills do have very strong floater, but that’s it. I think my favorite moment was either the laterals and positives in the turnaround, or the drop off the brake run.