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Milestone Coasters in Your Count


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300: Pulsar, Walibi Belgium. See thoughts below from my trip report:

For Coaster 300, I headed to Pulsar. Fun, fairly unique design but ride experience dissapointing. Launches are good but ride has to slowly trundle though the empty splashdown twice after first launch, causing a noticeable pause in ride elements. Spikes and eventual splashdown fun though, riders (and nearby path) get decently wet from splash. Compared to Coaster 100 (Troy) and 200 (Nitro), this is definitely the weakest 100 milestone for me so far. Got a local to take photo of me with sign outside: (had to edit first picture as sign didn't come out in photo)



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#100 Battlestar Galactica Human - Universal Studios Singapore
#200 Troy - Toverland
#300 Ultra Twister Megaton - Greenland
#400 Gold Rush - Slagharen
#500 Shambhala - Portaventura
#600 Rocky Coaster - Suzuka Circuit
#700 HangTime - Knott's Berry Farm
#800 Twisted Cyclone - Six Flags Over Georgia
#900 Raptor - Gardaland


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I've been inspired into doing some other milestones now for fun:

50th B&M - BIzarro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
50th Intamin - V2 @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
50th Mack - Flash @ Lewa Adventure
50th Vekoma - Grampus Jet @ Greenland
100th Vekoma - Blue Hawk @ Six Flags Over Georgia
50th Zierer - Coccinelle @ Walibi Rhône-Alpes

And I'm 1 away from 50 Zamperlas. Exciting stuff.


50th Wood - Giant Dipper @ Belmont Park

100th Steel - Bullet Coaster @ Happy Valley Shenzhen
200th Steel - Something @ Phantasialand (I've suppressed my memory on the order of events for this day)
300th Steel - Zaturn @ Space World
400th Steel - Crystal Wing @ Happy Valley Beijing
500th Steel - Wild Mouse @ Funland at the Tropicana
600th Steel - Thunder Dolphin @ Tokyo Dome City
700th Steel - Harley Quinn Crazy Train @ Six Flags Great Adventure
800th Steel - Dune @ Rainbow Magicland

Amazing how half of them have worked out just as significant as the planned ones.


100th in China - Golden Whirlwind @ Fantawild Dreamland Wuhu
100th in England - Runaway Mine Train @ Flamingoland
100th in Japan - Child Coaster @ Misaki Park
100th in USA - Wicked Cyclone @ Six Flags New England

Was gonna say these not so much, but then the last one happened.


25th Park - Happy Valley Shenzhen
50th Park - Freizeitpark Plohn
75th Park - Wicksteed Park
100th Park - Pirates Cove Fun Park
125th Park - Fantawild Dreamland Xiamen
150th Park - Motiongate
175th Park - Tokyo Disneyland
200th Park - Hersheypark
225th Park - Linnanmäki

Doing parks in 25s these days as the ratio seems about right - I'm currently on 3.85 creds per park.



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I reached 400 last weekend, also Raptor at Gardaland!

100 - Psyké Underground, Walibi Belgium
200 - Flight of Fear, King’s Island
300 - Valkyria, Liseberg
400 - Raptor, Gardaland


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I’m at 316 at the moment. Gained over 130 new credits in 2019 while being the first time in North America. I hope to hit #400 at the end of 2020.

#50: Taron - Phantasialand
#100: The Smiler - Alton Towers
#150: Spinning Coaster XXL - Tilburgse Kermis 2018 (traveling)
#200: Leviathan - Canada’s Wonderland
#250: Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure
#300: Mine Blower - Fun Spot Kissimmee