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Matt SR
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Had the chance to swing by Michigan's Adventure on the way back down from a long weekend of camping, hiking, kayaking, and biking for Memorial Day weekend. A couple quick rides to pick up on the 5 hour drive home!

Arrival and Entry
We were actually camping 8 minutes next to the park; had to check out a little early Monday morning ahead of MA's 11 AM opening, so picked up some added morning bike ride.


Once the park opened, rides were a little slow to open, so we simply lined up rides as things were opened.

How can you hate on an Arrow classic to start the day?


Ride Experience
You're going to notice an eerie trend through my posts - all of Michigan's Adventure was running great this day. On our last visit I was only worried about picking up all the respective credits, but this go round was able to take things at casual pace and enjoy the ride. Not sure if it was the very fresh paint job (complete with alternating rail color) or having just downed some coffee, but a very smooth ride with numerous close tree calls for fun interaction. Arrow Corkscrews are life!

Wolverine Wildcat
I remember really enjoying this coaster last year, if only as one of the better Dinn Corps (partly testament to it still standing) while having a lot of fun, old school element design.




Ride Experience
But what about the Titan Track!? Admittedly the biggest curiosity to ride this coaster, after having just missed the Titan Track demo down in Orlando on White Lightning. Can confirm: Titan Track is legit, laid on the first drop descent and ascent. Same butter smooth steel experience, that only intrigues one to hypothesize what a fully Titaned Wolverine Wildcat would ride like. But, I am still here to proclaim: Wolverine Wildcat is a super fun coaster with great airtime pop and track play. The double-up-double-down is still so fun, and can't help but smile while riding.

Shivering Timbers
One of CCI's finest creations.


Ride Experience
I know a lot of folks weren't able to ride this coaster of late, especially with a griefed 2021 season. Shivering Timbers, like Voyage, remains a testimony to how more airtime hills are only a good idea for woodies. Just barrel as far out as possible, and eventually turn back to repeat it the way back. Was able to ride this in the back, which gave great tug on each and every hill. Also forgot how steep a first drop this one has, delivering right out of the gate. I guess above all else, this and Wolverine Wildcat give credence to why we still have PTC trains, rather than straight swap of Millennium Flyers or Timberliners - turns out, they can still be a great fit.

Woodstock Express
So I didn't ride it as Big Dipper but rode it now. lulz.


Great getting to visit a Geauga Lake classic


Ride Experience
Arguably the Geauga Lake roller coaster thriving the best in it's new location, Michigan's Adventure has really ramped up the surrounding landscaping and new paint job to give a quite rustic vibe, and it actually works quite well. Thunderhawk also remains the only SLC that, weirdly, is smooth? Not a "smooth for an SLC" type moment, but genuinely smooth as a regular roller coaster.

Riding Other Attractions
Michigan's Adventure has a great suite of well-maintained flat rides. We took a spin on the ferris wheel, Trabant, and Merry-Go-Round with a wild assortment of horses. I think this was the thing that gripped me most as stand-out; keeping good investment and maintenance on non-coaster attraction. It's easy enough to build a few large roller coasters, it's another to have a full complement of rides around it. The park's Camp Snoopy was especially impressive, and a great redevelopment of the park's kiddie area.


Closing Thoughts
I have to say, Michigan's Adventure is sitting pretty good. A lot of TLC in landscaping and new coaster livry has given the park a great pop of color and fresh look. Overall the park knows what it is not - a premier, region leading amusement park. Because it doesn't have to be - sticking to it's roots as a (truly) half-day park visit, complemented by a joint water park (which unfortunately wasn't open during our visit) makes it a perfect in-state demographic draw. Especially for those visiting Grand Rapids or Lake Michigan, just as Jess and I were doing this weekend.