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Intimidator 305

Roller Poster
New Ride Conzepts from Intamin, the last one the 12 Inversion Coaster and the Fly rider.

S&S have new Concepts with their new 4D and Free Fly Coasters.

New Installations:


State Fair of Texas Tower 152m
Hopi Hari 10 Inversion
Cinecitta World 10 Inversion
Locayoy Holiday 10 Inversion
Viktory Kingdom Fly Rider
EDA World : LSM Coster
Vialand LSM Coaster

and two new Loopin Coasters for unnmaed parks in China.

Have Intamin new Inovations Projects, last New Creations the 12 Inversion and the Fly Rider Concept.

Intamin have a new Free Fall Concept in the works for 2014


New Launched Coaster for Shandong Bingsheng Sunwu Culture Park
El Loco Coaster for Circus Circus Las Vegas
also S&S works for a new Speed record coaster

Rumor: 4D Coaster

More nes for Coaster Manufacturers, Gravity Group, Gerstlauer, Mack Rides, Vekoma, Premier Rides, Mondial, Rocky Mountain Construction, Great Coasters Int. etc.

More iNFOS AND NES FOR NEw Projects, Innovations installations, and Rumors worldwide post it.


Hyper Poster
Intimidator 305 said:
also S&S works for a new Speed record coaster

And who would be dumb enough to buy that? S&S could not even get Ring Racer approved by the German authorities.