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Lotte World Adventure | Busan - South Korea | Theme Park

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June 14 update

ALL PHOTOS Taken by me. Please write source when re-distributing

Today I visited there with subway line.(Donghae line Osiria Station)
Picture taken at Lotte Outlet next to the park constructed.
First Impression as soon as I take off

Entrance Area-Almost same as concept of Legacy Entertainment. Impressed.

Parking lot. So big
Shot of Blue Fire mirror(Giant Digger)
Track completed, and will soon start testing

Station. An ax on the roof-Great themework

Rock tumbler( Zamperla giant frisbee)
Also an elaborate wooden theming.

That green building is a Carousel themed to farm animals (cows,sheeps,pigs etc).
But that log flume is still assembling tracks.
Log flume incomplete, and family coaster track is completed on the right upward (already testing)

Pulsar clone (Water Coaster)
Themed to dragon nest,,, but not this dragon
but...This sleeping dragon

A column of Pulsar clone and a Skyline Luge opening in July. Found a pulsar train covered. But still no water filled.

A family ride with Lottie (mascot of Lotte World) sitting in centre.

Impressed with sheer size of castle.

Coasters and midways. On the left and back, there are planty of lands for future expansion.

A mall expansion is completed, now opened. Restaurants and shops and parking lot.

Concept from Legacy entertaiment
Full shot

View from train station

And, subway station 5 min walk from the patk.

Almost all works for the ride is completed, and some rides are testing. Interior works are now progressing. and some buildings are already in use.

I hope the park opens safely and well. And I will post trip report soonly after it opens.

Park scheduled to open in August,2021 and final work is progressing.
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A drone clip of the park and skyline luge.
Now, swing ride with honeybee and Swan Lake is completed and testing, Rock Tumbler (Zamperla swing ride) will start testing today, Blue Fire will have its track completed on early July due to road construction.

Skyline Luge is scheduled to open in early July, and the park is on the midst of September. Expecting huge crowd, I think I can have chance to visit on mid-October.

Y. Kim

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Recent views from Skyline Luge visit yesterday. (see my TR) Pathways are in progress. Rumored to open in September.
Some building has its lights on. No testing on a weekend night, but some works are in progress.
Now there's video of Rock Tumbler, and a swing ride testing.


Y. Kim

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Official entrance sign * not main entrance. Side entrance at the mall side.
"Lotte World Adventure Busan;Magic Forest"
Font is same, name changed a bit.


Rumored to open in September 10th, 2021. One worker at Lotte World wrote on internet community about opening day. Maybe I'll have the chance to go on late Sept (in Chuseok nighttime) or mid October.


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