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Lost Island Theme Park | Iowa | 2022 (Kanonen relocation)


Mega Poster
Are all the rides in the park brand new except for Kanonen and Cobra? Or is there some other relocated rides thrown in there?

I really hope this park pulls in the crowds because I really like the look of it. I believe I have mentioned this before I think it has a really well balanced ride line-up imo.
So far just the two major coasters have been bought used, everything else is brand new. They got a big Zamperla package and then some.


Strata Poster
Then using the coaster layouts already created on RCT rather than creating a custom layout. Seems a wasted opportunity.
It's an easy way to start off a park with and considering they are getting Kanonen which is a one-of-a-kind, I'm not fussed.

Also, they already have expansion plans in the works including what is supposedly a custom GCI.


Giga Poster
oh I remember the planning map of this park that someone posted. It had expansion spots for 2, potentially 3 new lands.