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Legoland Windsor forced to cancel Muslim 'fun-day'.


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Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen a few of the (many) arguments I end up in with bigoted cretins, mostly EDL or BNP members. Essentially this is another instance of a park hiring itself out to a muslim group, out-of-season, as they do with anybody else who can stump up the cash.

This quickly spiralled into MUSLIM ONLY FUN DAY being spammed and retweeted amongst the sort of people who're clearly incapable of thinking logically and rationally (hence their bigoted beliefs) and spread like wildfire. Legoland responded to multiple complaints and were actually quite blunt in responding that they see no wrong with what they're doing.

This led to all sorts of threats of violence and attempts to organise disruptions, indeed some proper hardnut protectors of our country went as far as protesting in the middle of the night when Merlin's offices were closed. Properly dedicated footsoldiers. Heroes. If it wasn't for them etc.....


Anyway, because of these cretins Thames Valley Police have pressured Legoland to cancel the event (which was open for anybody to purchase tickets, more than many other private events offer) and as a result they've issued the following statement.



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Urgh, these things are getting out of hand. I feel sorry for Legoland and the organisers for having to deal with all this nonsense. Too many idiots out there, it's scary.

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I HATE people like that. It has nothing to do with them, the park is closed anyway! Like you said, if they can afford to foot the bill then it has nothing to do with anyone, it's their choice. Bastards. <-- excuse the french.


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It's disgusting that a small group of people can have so much influence. Although I'm glad they haven't been arrested for hate or race crimes. Arrested for threatening behaviour yes, but not because they targeted a group of society. I believe freedom of speech is more important than anything in a civilised society, regardless how retarded I consider their misguided bile.


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No, Ian's right. It's unfortunate that this is the result of their small-mindedness, but they ARE entitled to voice an opinion (even if it's wrong). You're equally entitled to think badly of their opinions and pity them.



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Interesting to hear thoughts on this from people across the pond. I read mostly American sites, that have the occasional Brit or EU member post, but those who do feel very strongly that the open immigration policy that has been adapted by the countries have led to an influx of people that are not adding value to society. It just so happens (from my understanding) that many of these are North African/Muslims, which is causing quite the racial/religious tension.

Lets be real here though, Europe has been major land battle free since WWII. When's the last time that region went 70+ years without a good skirmish? You have the city of London purchasing high powered water cannons to keep "protesters" at bay, France is up to like a 200% effective tax rate, every country that touches the Mediterranean is either bankrupt or going bankrupt...history rhymes and pretty much every century since we started writing **** down has seen major conflict in the fist portion of the century.


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Ok, I'm just shocked that this seems to be surprising news to some people?

In fact, I would be surprised if there wasn't this sort of 'backlash' from a few people to something being called a Muslim 'fun-day' these days..

I'm not saying I agree with it at all, this just doesn't surprise me in the slightest. There has been a general growth in hatred from a lot of people towards Islam in the UK since a certain soldier named Lee was brutally murdered in Woolwich. That's just fact whether you like it or not and its the current society we live in..

Whenever there is a 'Muslim day' anywhere there will be these 'protests'. That's just how it is unfortunately and I don't think it will be getting better any time soon.

Can of worms springs to mind here..!


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I'm not shocked. Just appalled.

I wonder how many murders in the UK are committed by Christians/Catholics/The French etc. no one takes any notice of peoples religion (or frenchness) then

I'd like to know how many of those people who protested can honestly say they are 100% English. If there's one country in the world that has a long and storied history of immigration it's the UK. Hell even looking slightly back in my family tree one of my granddads was American and one of my great grans was French (that's why it was fine for me to take the piss earlier :p ).

There's so much I could go into here but I don't want to start a Stone Cold style rant.

In short there are almost 70 places that will deliver Indian food to my flat and i freaking love that :p


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^What does Indian food have to do with Muslims? I figured there would be a large Indian presence in the UK, seeing as you kept the country slaves for a bit.

Its fairly similar to what we see in America in terms of those who immigrated here first are "American" and the next wave are not. It has happened for 200 years of the countries existence. Not saying its right but it is a cycle that is repeated.


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Nothing at all about Muslims thats not my point. My point is that Immigration/Different cultures are part of English life. To protest against one in particular seems stupid.


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i'd rather they didn't turn up drunk and start trying to kick seven shades of **** out of Walter Bolliger because he won't add a launch to a B&M tbh.


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Hiring the EDL to get a decent roller coaster 'because they get things done' is like hiring the IRA as demolition experts because they're good at blowing things up.