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Legoland New York | New York | Theme Park | 2021


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Legoland New York recently revealed the first look at the park’s eight themed lands that will make up the 150-acre resort in Goshen, N.Y.
Legoland New York’s eight themed lands include:

The Factory

This is the beginning of the Legoland New York experience. Once guests walk under the arch, they’ll find themselves in a world that looks like it’s built out of Lego bricks. The obvious first stop is the Great Lego Adventure, exclusive to Legoland New York, that will make guests feel like they’re a Lego Minifigure as they travel through the manufacturing process and into a box – before going into the hands of a child to be built!


Bricktopia is the land with no rules, where guests can work with Master Model Builders to build and test Lego creations – no matter if they can ride, float or fly – and see if their tallest tower can stand up against the Earthquake Table. Guests can also enjoy the Imagination Celebration ride, or jump on Stepping Tones to trigger Lego instruments.

Lego Ninjago World

This is where aspiring ninjas can master the art of Spinjitzu. Guests will start in Training Camp, where they can learn to climb, spin and become a master of the elements. Then, they can put their training to the test on Ninjago: The Ride, where they can help defeat the Great Devourer using only their hands as weapons.

Heartlake City

Heartlake City is the home to the Lego Friends, Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea, and Mia. Guests can meet them at the outdoor stage, and then head out on a balloon ride over Pinefall Woods. While there, guests can try some of Granny’s Apple Fries, a classic Legoland treat.

Knights’ Kingdom

Knights’ Kingdom is home to Lego Castle, and guests will certainly receive the royal welcome here. In this land of princesses and knights, wizards and dragons, guests can try the Dragon Coaster – a perfect first coaster experience for younger guests. Young knights can also help a flock of baby dragons learn how to fly at Dragon Rider School.

Lego City

This land is home to the Minifigures, and it needs a new set of heroes! Guests can learn to be Lego City firefighters and help save the day at Rescue Academy, or attend Lego Driving School and earn your official Legoland driver’s license. There’s always something to do in this bustling metropolis.

Pirate Shores

This is the place for young pirates to seek adventure on the high seas! Climb aboard a pirate galleon and hold on tight as storms toss the ship from side to side. Or take a voyage on Rogue Wave Riders and battle with hungry beasts and water spouts.


Miniland is located in the heart of every Legoland park, and is a massive display of Lego-built cities from across the country. Guests can travel from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square in only a few steps, or catch a glimpse of a street full of animated pedestrians and even a moving subway.

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^That's my thought as well. We haven't heard or seen anything related to construction - just plans and PR.
*Laughs in Six Flags*
Similar to the above most people only visit one Six Flags park why would they not clone rides? Disney and Universal do the same and don't get anywhere near the same backlash that Six Flags or Legoland do.

Us enthusiasts forget that parks are designed for the general public more than they are for us far too easily


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Park rep says they will do a phased opening with the parts of the park that are finished.
I can't believe they've figured out how to do DLC in real life /j /s 😂

The dark ride looks kinda cool, interested to see more of the route and "story" inside!

Edit: I wonder if they'll offer some kind of "upgradeable" ticket? Pay a slightly higher price when the first bit opens, and then get in to each new part at a slight discount?
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I think that the dark ride looks awesome, and I certainly think that it would fit brilliantly in the old Star Wars Miniland area in the Legoland Windsor. The rest of the park is pretty much carbon copy, but I'm sure it will be popular!