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So... Gorillaz? For those who don't know, Gorillaz are an alternative rock band formed in 1998. And if you don't know them, you've probably listened to Feel Good Inc at least once in your life.
So, here's me. I like Gorillaz. A lot. And I like theme parks. A lot. So what if I put them togeth- okay, Gorillaz theme park, you get it.
I will admit, I... have not started making the actual park yet. BUT I have made the sign for it, so that's all you're getting for now. Enjoy!
kong logo.png
I also have a few coasters planned and some even built, but we'll see them when we get to that point.
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Ayo! The park is still very VERY WIP, so I decided to show you guys a few screenshots I got.
entrance arch.png
First off, the entrance! I've decided to build a Universal Studios-style archway which I will add to later. You also get a sneak peek at Clapper, a HUSS Top Spin and the first ride going into the park.
clapper queue 1.png
I haven't themed Clapper itself, that'll come once I've finished this little part of the entrance area (themed to the band's debut album and named Celebrity Takedown) but I've made progress on the queue! Here you see an anomaly ripping a 60s-inspired lounge apart...
clapper queue 2.png
...and the second part of the queue is entering the void left by the anomaly. I'd like to think this part gives me an excuse to use some of the game's more obscure pieces, since it's just random stuff floating around.
white light progress.png
I'm also taking the opportunity to give you guys a sneak peek at one of the coasters. This is meant to go in a later area in the park (specifically Demon Days)
I've also built another coaster, but I'm not gonna spoil too much.

That's all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed this update!