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Knock it Off! - NL2 Comp - ***Cancelled***


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We're back! This time will be something of an anomaly. You have to build a sub par track! That's right, we're going to KNOCK it OFF! In this round, you are building an SLC, however, you are a company who has never built a coaster before, and found some Vekoma blue prints laying around and went to town! Here are the rules...

- Must have at least 2 trains, 10 cars each
- 3-6 inversions
- Track must stay in borders
-75% of supports must be in borders
- Must feature one WTF bad banking, or element
-Max height 150 ft

Now with these rules, we obviously want a decent coaster, just with a kink or two. The judging criteria is also being updated. We will continue to have everyone vote as a requirement, or you will lose one point. Voting will be the same, but do not judge smoothness on the kink areas.

1 point station, queue, entrance plaza

All entries are due July 22 by 11:59 pm PST. Please email them to bigt12788(at)yahoo.com and send me a pm if i don't respond via email. I want to make sure we get them all! Good luck, and make a jacked up ride!



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Re: Knock it Off! NL2 Contest

I forgot to include, you must stay in the borders with track, and max height of 150 feet. If that wasn't clear with borders.


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Re: Knock it Off! NL2 Contest

Realistically I'm not going to have time to enter this round, but I will see if I can install NL2 on my laptop so I can still vote (I'll be out of the country by the time the deadline is up).

I look forward to seeing how creative you guys can be with this. There's going to be a subtlety in getting this right that will be exciting to see!


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Re: Knock it Off! NL2 Contest

Ha build something crap?
sounds like this could be something I could do well at ;)
Unfortunately I'm out for this one as I'm going on holiday on Tuesday to get many +1's and I won't be back for 2 weeks.

Nice idea though


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Re: Knock it Off! NL2 Contest

Decided to actually cancel this contest after speaking to a few people, and realizing schedules will not allow it to work.

Contests will resume at a later date.


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Re: Knock it Off! NL2 Contest ***Cancelled***

dang it!! I had I really good idea for this one too!


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Re: Knock it Off! NL2 Contest ***Cancelled***

Nooooo! :( When I saw the description for this contest I got so excited. Well, I hope when you resume the contests this one will still be on deck.


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I'm just going to be taking a hiatus for a bit. I'm going to work on some side projects for a bit and will probably kick it back off in September as I'm extremely busy the next couple months.

This may very well be the next contest, but it's shelved for now.

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