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Kentucky Kingdom planning an RMC Raptor for the 2021 season?




It would go in between Storm Chaser and Thunder Run, near where the Larson Loop currently is. Hopefully this wasn't fully cancelled because of the current world situation.


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I could totally see Jeff sending the original document to Coaster Kings JUST to make another T3 meme and get the fan base all riled up. He's good at that.

Regardless...I'll gladly eat my words about raptors if it means one will get built within driving distance <3

Matt N

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I had another thought; could this potentially make Kentucky Kingdom debatably the airtime capital of the world? As they already have Storm Chaser & Lightning Run, both of which allegedly have fantastic airtime, and there is Kentucky Flyer which apparently has quite a bit for a ride its size, so if they add a Raptor, again a coaster type well known for insane airtime... is there another park out there that has such a triple whammy of insane airtime?


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Would gladly welcome this news - the Raptor was always meant to be a big thrill for second and third tier parks. Considering you have to wait 2 minutes on a crowded day for a roller coaster ride at Kentucky Kingdom, could see a Raptor playing nicely to the park's demographic and draw, facing no real capacity penalty for the smaller trains.


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This is a shame that they're not actually getting one because it would've been really fab. I loved this park. Even Thunder Run had good airtime, I remember us saying at the time that the park is just full of airtime ha.