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Kennywood losing a major ride in the next few years?

Youngster Joey

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So this is clearly a rumor and not even one with a particularly great source either but Behind the thrills posted this on Twitter "Hearing a rumor about @Kennywood that could be pretty big" Having just been this past year I decided to send a reply and the following conversation took place

Me: "@BehindThrills Care to share?"
Behind: "In time"
Me: "@BehindThrills Such a bad Tease. I finally got to go to Kennywood this past summer. I'm concerned I didn't wait long enough x.x"
Behind: " well...maybe you visited at the right time to see everything the park has to offer currently...cough cough"

Now normally this would mean nothing to me but that last tweet go me thinking something is leaving. Something relatively big. My first thought was one of the three classic woodies that Kennywood calls home is leaving, but they are all classics so maybe it's something else. Then again it could just be nothing at all.

Any idea's or is it nothing major?


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Sounds like nothing major. BTT is rather known for shooting rumors out like this, but they're usually not the first ones to hear wind of it. My guess is someone else spoke of said rumor, and they're over playing it.

See: Volcano Rehab and Roller Soaker.


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If anything, it wont be a major attraction. I could see Tsunami (I believe that is its name) leaving as the handful of times I have been kt has been closed due to maintenance or something.

Either that or Dark Mill is finally making a return :lol: