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Karls Erlebnis Dorf | K2 | ABC Rides tube coaster


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K2 is coming! Karls Erlebnis Dorf in Elstal near Berlin is building the coaster K2 - and Mov(e)motions is part of the creative team for this new ride! The ride will be built by ABC Rides and is scheduled to open in early 2018.
The ride will feature a dark ride section and the guests will experience the process of making potato chips out of potatos.

Never heard about Karls? Karls operates 5 farmer village style amusement parks in Germany and welcomes more than 5 Mio. visitors per year.
The location in Elstal will be developed in to a complete amusement resort with a holiday village, hotel, indoor waterpark and an amusement park in the upcoming years.

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This looks fab, but the potato thing has thrown me. I'm so curious/confused.
Anyone know if it's just a random theme or is the area the park is in famous for food production etc?


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By the look of it, the park originated from a working farm and so food production was obviously their main income. Google shows that the park is still massively centric on delivering their own produce.


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Based on their website, it looks like they mainly rely on berries and jams. Almost like a European Knott's, but focusing much more on the farming aspect of everything. RCDB also claims that they own a lot more parks throughout Europe, so there's that.


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The coaster is going up and the colo(u)r scheme has changed to red and green like strawberries >> http://www.maz-online.de/Lokales/Havelland/Karls-bekommt-eine-Achterbahn
Opening is planned for the 21st April 2018. It will be the only coaster in Germany, which features real wooden cars. Interesting...
Facts: 12m high and between 500 and 600m track length (0,31-0,37miles).
The investment is around nine million euro, but in the price is a manufacture which shows the way from the potato on the field to the finished chip bag. Three different tastes will be produced: red, purple and classical yellow. Finished with Baltic Sea salt. – Sounds yummy. Coaster&Chips. Welcome to Berlin! ;)
karls erlebnis-doof - Are a chain of 'parks' - similar to maybe 'Crealy' or diggerland but more upmarket, they seem to be based around strawberry farming and all their sites are farm themed - they look really nice and well themed for what they are, including restaurants and large farm shops!

And obviously they haven't been on enthusiasts radar due to lack of crews.....until now!


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Looks pretty fab though tbh, despite the lack of seating. Hopefully the MCBR won't take quite as much speed off when it opens.
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I know the trains are missing the seats but omg this could win the grand prize for ugliest coaster train on any coaster. Its cars look like cereal boxes on wheels.


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Not sure why they made the MCBR so lame but other than the pacing, the coaster section looks pretty damn good!