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Jarrett's Engineering Lab [Planet Coaster]://Deluge


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Here it is, boys and girls! My Planet Coaster debut in the form of an RMC I-Box conversion!


Enter the timeless New England town of Port Bedford and their whaling industry but notice it's quiet; almost too quiet; and it's squall season. The harbor is silent except for the occasional rumble of thunder at sea. Bells toll ominously as whaling vessels pull out of their boathouses to the sea, sailing into an uncomfortable calm.


Deluge features a heavy emphasis on the sensation of speed, multiple sustained airtime elements, several overbank elements, and two rolling inversions. Riders are dropped 143-feet at an 81 degree angle before shooting downhill, reaching its breakneck top speed at 70 mph after the first element in the layout. This reckless Dinn monster is now a sleek mechanical marvel, and nothing can calm this storm!