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Hyperion vs Shambhala

Hyperion or Shambhala?

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Matt N

CF Legend
Hi guys. Europe now has 2 hypers with an element, either a lift height or a drop height, above 250ft. They are Shambhala at PortAventura Park, a B&M hyper opened in 2012 that has a 249ft lift hill and a 252ft drop, and Hyperion at Energylandia, an Intamin hyper opened in 2018 that has a 252ft lift hill and a 269ft drop. These are very different rides, but they have been compared a fair bit, and they both have being over 250ft in either height or drop in common, so they are quite comparable in a sense. So I’d be intrigued to know; do you prefer Hyperion or Shambhala?

I haven’t ridden either, so can’t vote, but I’d be really keen to hear your thoughts!


Hyper Poster
Initially I thought Shambhala. Went to Energylandia the year Hyperion opened and only got two back row rides on the rough as nails train. Enjoyed it but thought Shambhala was better.

However I returned the next year and had a euphoric Hyperion front row middle seat ride and it changed my mind. The ejector cresting the first two elements was so strong in the front and I loved how exposed I felt blasting through the low to ground stengels. Shambhala is amazing but it's a comfortable middle of the road coaster. Hyperion is more interesting and intense.


Giga Poster
Both fantastic coasters but Hyperion is the clear winner; it's bigger and badder, with stronger forces (especially the airtime) and *that* turnaround.

Shambhala is certainly more refined and elegant - Hyperion is rough around the edges (and a quintessential car park coaster), but I don't mind that too much.


Donkey in a hat
Y'all are wrong. Shambhala is the clear winner here. Big, spectacular location, gorgeous to look at and to photograph, smoother than the cream in a Twinkie, delivers copious quantities of sublime, floater airtime right up until the final brake run. And it's the longest of the two. Top 3 coaster for me.
Hyperion on the other hand is practically clumsy in comparison. Still a top 20 coaster for me, mainly for that ludicrous first drop and first airtime hill, but everything after that diving turnaround lets it down, especially the twisty, turny bits. Clumsy.
Plus it's in dumpy Poland, in dumpy Energylandia.
No brainer.


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It's close in my opinion.
The only reason I would put Shambhala above Hyperion is the pacing. Hyperion has great pacing throughout aside for the floater hill which severly hurts. Shambhala on the other hand, while slower paced overall, is just a lot more consistent in what it does.


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B&M > Intamin pretty much always for me

Shame it's at Port Aventura though

(May also help that I rode Shambhala while rather drunk, whereas I was a bit hungover when I rode Hyperion)


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Hyperion is far inferior - the first three elements are amazing, but the rest is just speed corners and not much else. Plus on the outer seats it really judders.

Shambhala is a little less unique but is about as solid as a hyper can get. Plus the trains are much better with the inner/ outer layout.

Nicky Borrill

Strata Poster
Hyperion... Obviously...

It's a simple matter of ejector vs floater for me though, so perhaps not a fair comparison... 2 very different rides...

Quite the opposite to Howie, I love the second half! love the turnaround, it's my favourite of any out and back, love the banked speed hill following it, the floater hill after and the banked turn into the spaghetti bowl (official term!!!) the sideways moment in the spaghetti bowl is fun (not sure what those elements are called) the only poor bit is the rapid transitions left and right, they could have been a bit more 'Taronesque.' The airtime hill into the water is another strong moment and even the brake run is hilariously good fun and tries to throw you out of your seat... 🙈🤣

As good as Shambhala is, and it is great (only just outside top 5 for me.) Apart from the turnaround, it is the same feeling, over and over... Really good sustained floater. It is an incredible feeling, feels like you're flying or weightless for seconds at a time, but I would definitely take ejector and a good mix of different sensations over it any day. It is definitely the 'better looking' ride, with beautiful views down the hillside towards the coast making it 'feel' even higher and more imposing. I think I am the only person (or so it has seemed from things I've read on here) who actually prefers the staggered seating too... Although the restraints and seats are much comfier for me on Hyperion, and the raised seating on the middle seats of Hyperion helps with the ride sensations because your feet can't touch the flooring.

To sum up, Hyperion, because it has sustained floater, ejector and much more besides... Although Shambhala is the best I've ridden at what it specialises in... sustained floater... Both brilliant.

Luca B

Mega Poster
Hyperion for sure. Hyperion’s first 3 elements is one of the best sequences on any coaster, and whilst it does let up, the rest is still great except the floater hill. Shambhala on the other hand is very standard, and didn’t blow me away; it’s not even the best B&M hyper. In my opinopm they’re in completely different leagues.