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How many different number 1s have you had?

Edward M

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^ A soft spot for MF and Beast trumped it. They were those coasters that made me an actual enthusiast, and Shambhala and Goliath are just better than Kumba. Sadly, I change my mind a lot since favorite coasters have a lot of factors for me like theming, nostalgia, a unique experience and actual ride. Next week I may move them all around who knows.


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^Gotcha. I'm more of a guy who keeps coasters in their own spot unless if another coaster is better than it, and it moves down x amount of spaces.


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1 - 2000 < Boulder Dash
2 - 2000 < Boulder Dash and 2006 (before the lift slow happened) El Toro Gadv (now #2)
3 - 1999-2000 Apollo's Chariot
4 - 1990-1999 Yankee Cannonball

El Toro came so close to edging out Dash for me.. but the ending always kinda crapped out, so I tied it for its debut season but once the park started slowing the lift once the train neared the top, the first drop became far less powerful and I dropped it to #2. Outlaw Run also gave Dash (and Toro) a close-call. Riding Apollo back in 99, it was like the greatest thing ever, I never thought a coaster could top it, how silly of me. And Yankee Cannonball I'm pretty sure will always be my favorite even if its not my 'number one'


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1. Yankee Cannonball - Up until spring 2010
One of my first coasters and still a ton of fun today really. Need to get back and ride it again cause it's been a few years.

2. Incredible Hulk: Spring 2010 to August 2010
Around the time where I actually got into roller coasters, and first B&M I think?

3. Bizarro: August 2010 - June 2012
First really big coaster and terrified me on the lift hill. Remember my first ride being incredible.

4. Millennium Force: June 2012
Amateur enthusiast thinking that CP was the best park in the world, best rides, #1 coaster, etc. Tons of fun but haven't ridden it since then. But this lasted half an hour as my # 1.

5. Top Thrill Dragster: June 2012 - August 2013
Unexpected No 1 and first Intamin accelerator. What a moment it was riding that!

6. Boulder Dash: August 2013 - June 2015
Around the time where I became more of a true enthusiast. Absolute insanity and laughs throughout.

7. Skyrush: June 2015 - present.
The best coaster in the world! Actually didn't expect this to overtake Dash. Both coasters are over the top but Skyrush's intensity was ultimately better than Dash's wildness.


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2002-2009 X/X2

May 2009- August 2009 Prowler

August 2009- April 2011 Diamondback

April 2011-now New Texas Giant

In all honestly, X2 hasn't been displaced, just others have surprised me more. No coaster has blown my mind like it did back when I rode it the first time in 2002.

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I've had 3 different ones that I can remember

1998 - 2006 - Nemesis
2006 - 2009 - Stealth
2009 - 2013 - Nemesis again after the Scarefest night ride
30th August 2013 - Current - Skyrush


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Mighty mini mega was my first and my favourite.
Jungle coaster was my second
Rage I didn't ride it until 2 or 3 years after it opened.
Big thunder mountain when I went to Paris
Nemesis Inferno started it last year
Then stealth
Swarm until the beginning of last year
Anubis and then a week later
Nemesis and then an instant number 1
So 10 Number 1s


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When I first got into coasters I considered Nemesis as my favourite, however it had been a while since I'd ridden it and my opinion was more based on what others were saying about tbh.
I then went to Thorpe Park as my first trip as an enthusiast, and Stealth became my No.1.
After that it was Nemesis again, after re-riding it I found that it was my favourite after all.
It was briefly Grand National until I re-rode it and had a bad ride (I still think it's great though).
And finally Tonnere De Zeus, which I hadn't heard much about before hand so was really impressed with how out of control and fun it was! Zeus has remained my No.1 for about 3 years now, albeit a very inactive 3 years coaster wise.
I'm suspecting it will change next year as I have lots of park trips planned and hope to boost my count and re-enter the coaster scene!


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I've only had 3 that took the spot.

1st Number one: Goliath @ La Ronde
2nd Number one: El Toro @ SFGAdv
3rd Number one: Wicked Cyclone @ SFNE


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How do you all remember this?? I literally have no idea, off the top of my head I can barely remember what my current number 1 is, let alone from the past!!


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nadroJ said:
How do you all remember this?? I literally have no idea, off the top of my head I can barely remember what my current number 1 is, let alone from the past!!
Only because whenever I've taken the time to update my top 10, I've added my top 10 to the end of the file and kept all previous versions around. It's interesting to go back and see how it's changed over time. It helps that I haven't had many number ones.

As for figuring out dates, I have scarily accurate records of this stuff, although not intentionally so. I spent a few days last week migrating my entire cred list over to coaster-count, and was able to accurately enter the date on which I first rode pretty much anything after about 2007. Through a combination of photo date tags, iCal entries, CF Live dates and a brain that seems to retain a scary amount of detail from the various trips it was amazing how much I was actually able to figure out.

Such a goon!


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1) Thunderbolt- SFNE (August 2012-August 2013)
2) Boulder Dash (August 2013-August 2014)- blew away any other coaster
3) Bizarro (August 2014- present)- No coaster has come very close to matching Bizarro. Wicked Cyclone, Boulder Dash, and Nitro are my other top 4 coasters and Bizarro is far ahead


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Lets see..

Millennium Force 2000-2003
Top Thrill Dragster 2003-2007
El Toro 2007-2008
Boulder Dash 2008-Present


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Interesting thread!

How do you all remember this??

That's what spreadsheets and databases are for...

Anyway - I'm not quite anal enough for exact dates, so:

until Denmark /Germany live - Nemesis
Denmark live - jun 2012 - collossos (heide park)
Jun 2012 - jun 2015 - Bizarro SFNE
jun 2015 -> now - Skyrush (was below bizarro from the 2012 trip)


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My first number one was Air, how embarrassing! (Probably around 2006)

Then it was Saw The Ride for a while (still not embarrassed about that though) (2009)

Oz'Iris followed in 2012

Then Nitro took the top spot in 2014

This year Fluch Von Novgorod became my new number one, and there it shall stay until I find another ride both as intensely forceful and intensely themed <3


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At some point, Nemesis, Balder, Eagle Fortress, Expedition GeForce have been my number 1. It's currently Goliath at Six Flags Great America.