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How do you sleep?

Your bedtime dress code?


    Votes: 8 29.6%
  • Loose boxers

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • Tight boxers

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Goon t-shirt

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Underwear & t-shirt combo

    Votes: 5 18.5%
  • Pyjamas

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • Superhero pyjamas

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Gimp costume

    Votes: 1 3.7%

  • Total voters

Darren B

Active Member
So I was just reading an article in the Lad Bible (It won't link sadly) that states sleeping naked is better for your health. Apparently it's scientifically proven to improve your sleep, sex life and many other things.

For me, and because I live at home, I tend to wear loose boxers in bed, but if my parents are on holiday or I'm staying at a hotel I like to let the boys out to breath.

So, what's the preferred dress code for bedtime, CF?


Well-Known Member
At home it's probably loose boxers, sometimes if it's hot i'll be starkers.

If I'm in a hotel or sharing bed with gf then it's always starkers.

Can't really sleep with a top on, and people who sleep with socks on in bed are freaks.


Well-Known Member
Always naked. Unless I'm sharing a room/bed with somebody I'm not poking.


Credit Whore 2016
Just underwear for me, but the budgie smuggler variety because I find that most comfortable. If others are in the room I'll wear a pair of shorts too in case the old fella gets loose in the middle of the night.

Edward M

Well-Known Member
T-Shirt and loose boxers every night at home. I wear shorts whenever I'm sharing a room though.


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
I like to sleep au naturale but as I live with people and am about to live with my sister, it's usually boxers and a t-shirt.

I had a toilet in my room growing up (note, not an en-suite, in the room) so every night someone would come in so it wasn't really an option then. But when I lived on my own in Brum it was nada.

Pink Cadillac

Active Member
On my own: I feel better in Pyjama top & bottoms. But I don't wear underwear when I'm in bed.
Sharing room: Same but with underwear
Sharing bed: nufin. Though I still rather be wearing PJs :?


Miss CoasterForce 2016
Staff member
Social Media Team
When I'm at home, I don't wear any clothes to bed. it's much nicer sleeping naked. If I'm sharing a hotel on a CF-Live I make sure to pack a few bedtime Goon shirts though :)


From CoasterForce
Staff member
Social Media Team
I can't stand wearing clothes in bed, I sleep naked most of the time. The only exception is when I'm sharing a room with people who don't want to see me naked and wear a pair of boxers shorts (the ones I've had on all day).


Well-Known Member
I really hate sleeping naked, I wear knickers of some kind usually. If it's cold I'll wear PJs or a t-shirt too.


Well-Known Member
Tight boxers for me, T shirt if it's cold. I don't change my attire when staying with others either.


New Member
I always sleep well without wifi in the room, so I must need one wireless jammer in my room for that. You can find from JammerInTheBox if you interested in it.


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Social Media Team
^ Or wrapping tin foil around your head will have the same effect - none - and it'll be cheaper.

Yes, I know this is clearly a spam post.


Staff member
LOL - it may be spam, but at least they're not doing it wrong.

Thekingin64 said:
Usually naked but with company, underwear and t-shirt.
Welcome to the friendzone..? :p