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Hollenblitz at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland - 2013/2014?


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Hi all

Sorry first of all if this post is in the wrong place/ has already been written by someone else.

Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland is a little over a month away and, overpriced, busy and as overrated as it may be, it is still an exciting even on the calendar for many.

And this year, according to their website, they are debuting a UK's first roller coaster this year - named for WW's purposes the 'Ice Mountain Coaster'.

In a promotional email it is described as

"our brand new spinning roller coaster never before seen in the UK. Go on a journey inside the massive ice mountain, dive through real waterfalls and experience the spectacular Northern Lights, but hold on to your hat... it's a thrilling ride!"

I'm pretty sure from this description it could be Hollenblitz heading towards our shores.

What do people think?


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This sounds promising; there's nothing to suggest it on the website, but I guess an official email must be legit. I went for the first time last year and really enjoyed it, I probably wouldn't go again if it's all the same rides, but if this is there then I'll definitely be going.


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If it is, then joy!!!

Already have the cred (it randomly appeared in Luxembourg the same time I did) but would HAPPILY pay through the teeth for more!

The description certainly sounds like it. :p


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Oooooh that looks like fun. Was going down to Winter Wonderland anyway for a flying visit so hopefully there's at least a new cred or two from last year.


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off TTF

The Gladiator Turbine is now confirmed as being hired by the Mannings family to be dubbed "Blizzard" for the event, thus replacing the booster of previous years. This will sit in the Alpine Adventure area alongside Graham Sedgwick's Rock Rage - also brought in by the Mannings - as well as the usual attendees from their lot (Showtime Afterburner, Deep Impact Miami, etc). The area will also contain Mannings' new coaster, to be dubbed Alpine Thriller, and Hart's Over the Top. The former is confirmed as being Minitalia Leolandiapark's ex Pinfari machine, Thriller.

The Arctic Circle area was also announced earlier today, and will feature Mellors' Starflyer, the Snow Jet Matterhorn, the Magical Ice Kingdom walkthrough and the Ice Mountain Coaster. While the official description of the latter matches Hollenblitz, it will consist of White and Matthews' Reverchon Mouse enclosed and themed by Mellors.


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I should have known it was too goo to be true!
Sorry guys :p

Well I guess at least they've got hairpins covered at WW this year...


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why on earth do they say "never before seen in the uk" when there are at least 5 others, including about 3 at goose fair last month?