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Have You Ever Gotten Stuck on a Ride/Coaster?


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Oblivion for about 10 minutes, on the brake run. It was due to someone having their phone out on the lift hill.
Thirteen for about 6/7 minutes on the brake run.


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I got stuck in Air's station, after the ride, in the flying position for about 10 minutes. It actually made me feel really ill.

A couple of months ago, I got evacuated from Mystic Manor. My car was in the "Tribal Arts" room when the whole ride shut down. After about 10 minutes, we were released from the cars and walked out through the the remaining two rooms. What was really impressive was that even though everything was shut down, and the house lights were on, the theming is that good that it still felt lie you were walking through museum. Very cool.


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I will join the Splash Mountain train at WDW as I have been evacuated from that as well. As for being stuck...

Space Mountain, WDW just after dispatching from the station for about 20 minutes.

High Roller, Valleyfair for 35 minutes or so on a trim brake. (Yes it's possible and I was the only one on the train)

Wild Thing, Valleyfair for 20 minutes then they let us ride again as compensation and we got stuck again for another 15.

Steel Force, Dorney for 20 minutes on the lift hill.

Those are the long ones. Been "stuck" or "delayed" on many rides for 15 minutes or less plenty of times.


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Got stuck on Colossus at Thorpe Park on Stealth opening day for 2 hours (I think Ian was on there too) it was freezing and they gave us silver blankets to keep warm. Then when we finally got off they gave us queue jump for Stealth (the queue was over 2 hours so we actually made up time).

Good times.


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Well I have a sort of story from Maverick at Cedar Point. My friends and I were at Cedar Point for a weekend and were in line for Maverick, the ride broke down three times in an hour period. Twice while we in the station and were waiting for the next ride. Finally we got on and at the final break run it broke down...again. We sat there for 15 minutes and finally rolled into the station and the ride shut down for the night.


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With the Merlin parks being my locals I have seen many a breakdowns, and been on a few, the most memorable being


- Congo River Rapids
We managed to complete the layout without any issues, but as soon as we were right at the top of the lift back into the station, mere seconds away from getting off, the lift broke down and we were stranded for god knows how long.

- Air
This is perhaps the worst breakdown I have experienced. We had just assumed the position, and then we didn't move. We must have been there for a good 30 mins. The people next to me got evacuated and all I can say is it looked absolutely horrific! Falling into the arms of some random ride operator isn't my idea of fun. Needless to say I sat out and waited for them to fix it.

- Rita
Last time I rode it, everything seemed to be fine, which is odd for an Intamin, until when we arrived back in the unload station, where our restraints wouldn't open. They had to get the battery packs out to unlock each row. It was mildy annoying, but ridiculously interesting to see how they unlocked the restraints! (I'm such a goon!)

Thorpe Park

As ridiculous as this sounds I can't say I have ever broke down on a coaster at Thorpe! But the flat rides I have.

- Rush
The ride started up fine as usual, and was only running one swing, as usual. As we reached the first full hight swing, there was some sort on bang and we immediately slowed down. It was ridiculous, they didn't give us any fast tracks even though we hadn't had a full sequence. They closed it immediately after and I think it was closed all day.


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I was riding Batman at SFStL with some friends and we were stuck for about ten minutes halfway up the lift. Really fun experience and nice weather. We got to finish the ride, which was a plus.


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I got stuck at the top of the lift hill on Air a few years ago, for about 15 minutes. It was pretty uncomfortable in that position.
On my first ride on The Ultimate, the train got stuck on the second lift hill and the staff had to drive down to our train to sort out the problem! But the views were lovely so I didn't mind the wait. (And the opportunity to psyche myself up for that brutal second half of the coaster!)

Also got stuck on the lift on Winjas, tilting forwards. It stopped just before connecting with the track for about 10 mins, then the car was repeatedly lowered and raised until it finally connected with the rest of the ride. It wouldn't be a Maurer if I didn't experience it having problems though!


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I have had several ride stops. Been evac'd from:

Tower of Terror DHS - had just completed the drop sequence and were backing up into the exit room when the vehicle stopped. They walked us out through the room (which is really creepy) and let us re-ride!

Expedition Everest - had just made it to about half way up the lift hill when the ride stopped.

Men in Black - had just finished the training sequence when we got a ride stop. The park was unbearably slow so after a few minutes they walked us out to "save the rest of our day"


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I got a rollback on Maverick's lifthill.

I sat on Millennium Force's lift for about 25 minutes. We were around 200 vertical feet up.

Also on Millennium Force, I got the last ride of the night during Halloweekends. Because the temperatures were in the upper thirties, they couldn't send an empty train around due to the risk of valleying, so they manually released our restraints on the brake run.


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I got stuck on Maverick in the tunnel before the 2nd acceleration time period at Cedar Point for (20 minutes) We were removed via ladder and offered a front pass to Top Thrill Dragster.


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Furius Baco, we had just got on the train and were about to roll out of the station when it got hit by the Intamin curse and broke down.

Dragon Khan. It seemed to be having a lot of downtime the last time I was there. When I went to ride, we got on the train and was about to head out but then the ride op seemed to have some trouble, so we waited about 20 minutes as they fixed whatever was wrong and run some empty trains around the track. When we finally got to ride it stalled on the lift for a moment before jumping back to life. It then stopped on the MCBR and were let off the train.


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Been stuck on quite a few. Most recently the 'Revenge of the mummy coaster at Universal Studios. It was at the part where the coaster stops and the ceiling is supposed to ignite with fire. Well, it didn't and we sat there waiting in the dark with no idea what was going on. To make it worse it was extremely hot! Sat for around ten minutes, no explanation from ride operators. In the end the house lights turned on and we were evacuated off. Pretty cool experience really. Got a fast-pass ticket for our troubles.


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Antinos said:
I got a rollback on Maverick's lifthill.

This sounds like an interesting moment. What caused that to happen?

For me I've been stopped on the lift on Blue Streak and Nitro due to people trying to film with cameras without permission. I've also pressed the lift stop button on Bizarro due to people trying to film.


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I got stuck on Spaceship Earth on the part that the mother is singing a lullaby to her daughter via video chat ON LOOP for 20 consecutive minutes. Most annoying 20 minutes of my life.


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Was stuck for around 5-10 minutes on Slammer at Thorpe during Ghosterforce a few years back. I think we got a fast track for our troubles (and a few sneeky additional ones because Ewan was operating).

Got evacuated on the brake run of Roller Soaker at Hershey with Jerry. We were the first train of the day to go around after a load of waiting, technical issues and empty trains... and then the last to go around for quite some time after...


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I had to walk through the last three rooms at Mystic Manor once, but I think that's about it.

Oh, and being stuck on the brake run of Air for about 10 minutes, which was incredibly uncomfortable.


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My first go on Sky scream, the restraints wouldn't open! after a couple of minutes, they got out the big key to let us out, and then the exit gate refused to open for another couple of minutes!!