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Right first off lets clear up a bit of confusion here. South Korea is due to get 2 seperate Robot Land Parks. One in Incheon near Seoul in the northern part of South Korea (no not North Korea :p ) and one nearer Busan in the south of South Korea.

We had a thread about the Robot Land announcement in the News & Rumours forum but it got a little confused between the two as it wasn't clear there actually where two back then.

Official Sites For Both
Gyeongnam Robot Land (South) - http://gnrobot.or.kr/
Incheon Robot Land (North) - http://www.robotland.or.kr/

Now thats cleared up this post is about the Southern Robot Land called Gyeongnam Robot Land which appears to be much further along than its northern cousin and we know the ride lineup for. If the Incheon park ever gets moving then I'll create a thread for that but as of now it seems to be treading water.

The Gyeongnam park however is due to open in April 2019 and construction is well underway.

Coaster Lineup
Rapid Train - Zamperla Thunderbolt (Note: at time of writing this ride is misplaced in Incheon on the RCDB although its in the queue for Duane to fix)
Forest Trains - Unknown Junior Coaster

Full ride lineup here - http://gnrobot.or.kr/document/themepark3

Concept Art & Park Plan
Masony4.jpg Masony5.jpg
Construction Photos from July 2018
Manony1.jpg Masony2.jpg Masony3.jpg

All these pictures and info can be found on the official site linked above

Location: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@35.0784247,128.588325,728m/data=!3m1!1e3


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It's weird how after South Korea basically stagnated for 10 years after T-Express, there's suddenly a bunch of parks getting built, and all in the south of the country.

I'm personally waiting until that place on Jeju Island gets their expansion done, but with that, this, added B&M in Gyeongju and a new Lotte World park, south South Korea will have a decent little cluster soon.

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Not the most exciting coaster line-up by any means, but interesting to see South Korea picking up the pace in building new rides. For a while the country's parks seemed to stagnate and barely add anything.

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Do you know what Jinma is?

Jinma=Golden Horse
Looks like they have contracted with Zamperla and Golden Horse.
There's Golden Horse pirate ship, drop tower, water coaster or more.
Let's see if those JM rides are as good as Zamperla.


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Stumbled upon a nice Photo of Thunderbolt while searching for Zamperla's Nebulaz model:



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Speaking of South Korea, @Pokemaniac, this place opened in September 2019.
Whoops, how strange that we never unstuck that.

... wait, with our track record, it would actually be strange if we did.

I have a feeling that most of the stickied threads in this section have had their fate decided a while ago, but unfortunately, @roomraider appears to be the only one who knows how to look up information about them.