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Griffon v. SheiKra

Griffon v. SheiKra

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Roller Poster
This has most likely been asked a hundred and one times, but I was wondering, which of the two diving coasters in the states to you enjoy more? SheiKra, located at Busch Gardens Africa in Tampa Bay, or it's sister Griffon, located at Busch Gardens Europe. I haven't been on either yet, but of the two, which do you prefer? When posting which, please state why you prefer one to the other. Also, if you've only been on one, tell us your thoughts.


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
I prefer Sheikra. I prefer the theme and area, and the ride is just that little bit more varied than Griffon IMO, which does the same thing twice :p


The Legend
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Social Media Team
Griffon. I like the second dive loop compared to the sweeping turn.. although I do like Shiekra for the theming.


Giga Poster
I've only been on Sheikra, but I think I'd like it better for the reasons Ben posted. Although another inversion would be cool, the turn kinda changes things a bit and isn't like a copy of the first half. Plus, the theming and path interaction is sweet!


Griffon's first drop makes the difference. It dives under the foot bridge that gives it the illusion of being taller.


Strata Poster
Sheikra is better. It's got that weird pop of airtime on it's immelman.

Griffon is better in every other way, but that weird force on Sheikra that was clearly a mistake is just that good. Also, repeating what you just did only smaller is lame and adds to Griffons bore factor a touch.

Oblivion's better than either of them.


Mega Poster
I haven't ridden either, so I won't formally vote, but I'm going to be riding SheiKra this fall and from what I've seen of it, it's better themed and a more interesting ride in general. So what if Griffon has another Immelman?