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Green Lantern to be moved to La Ronde (unconfirmed)

kenny cook

Hello! To start, a quick disclaimer, I have absolutely zero psychical evidence of this, just things I've heard through the mill, but if you're still interested please keep reading.

What- Green Lantern: First Flight being relocated to La Ronde
Where- La Ronde
When- 2020 Season
Why- Supposedly there was an incident where a rider was injured during the ride, hence it's immeadite unannounced closure. So similar to what occurred with King Cobra at SFGAd, Six Flags will simply be moving the ride out of the United States instead of scrapping it all together
Other Information- The modifications made to the ride were never intended to allow the ride to reopen at the park, they were put there to see if the ride could pass Canadian safety inspections. Park officials from La Ronde were supposedly flown down to check out the attraction, and supposedly they were fans (don't ask why, I have no clue). I asked what their thoughts were on the "we'll retrack and reopen" comment at Coaster Con and they had no idea, but taking a wild guess they think that the retracking was simply to make it count as a new attraction in the state's eyes. California has very strict safety regulations for parks, and them appearing like they reopened Green Lantern could significantly hurt their court case, as it might appear like they had willful ignorance towards patron safety. They could literally install a new Zacspin in its place and the state would count it as a new attraction (let me know if I need to clarify because it comes off a bit confusing)
Source Verification- Again, I wasn't given anything super concrete such as blueprints or anything of the source, however, they're usually accurate ~80% of the time, so I would take it with a grain of salt, but y'all can be the judge.

I did post this on my Instagram far before Screamscape reported this, so I'm not sure if we have the same source or a different one, but Screamscape included no details so I would assume it was a reshare of what I'd previously posted. If you've heard anything else from anyone be sure to share!