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Goliath (SFOG) or Nitro!

Goliath SFOG or Nitro SFGrAd

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Ok, since nitro is ranked lower on CF's board (and I mean LOW) than Goliath,I'll do a poll.

Just simple as that, Which is Better?

For me it's Goliath. and it's my third favorite coaster.
It's a toughie, but I think I prefer everything about Nitro better. They both look like they would have decent airtime, but I think Nitro's would beat out Goliath's, and even if it didn't, the hills are larger which makes for more excitement. The first drop look like it would be one of the best in the world.

As for colours? Well, Nitro has one of my favourite colour schemes of any coaster.


Now either snoo or UC will post in about a reply or two. Any way nitro would have to be spectacular for it to beat goliath.


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I've talked to a ton of people who've ridden both and I have yet to find somebody who says Nitro is better.

Goliath has those 20+ seconds of floater and ejector airtime, a downward spiraliing helix, a full overbank, and a great first drop to start it all off. I don't see how Nitro could beat it.


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danthecoasterman said:
Been on neither so I'm just going for Nitro as it has a cool name.
Colossus sounds cooler than Speed. So that automaticly means that Colossus is the better ride :roll:.

Anyway, Goliath looks alot better than Nitro. The amount of airtime on Goliath is supposed to be alot better than Nitros. The Helix of death looks bloody briliant on Goliath too. And I hear Nitro is trimmed alot, that would bring the marks down IMO.


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^Nitro is now running trim free! It's running amazing these days.

I'm not going to vote, I've heard both sides, I've hear Goliath is over-rated and I've heard it's amazing. But pretty much you're rarely going to hear a good review of a GAdv coaster by any coaster enthusiasts.

Honestly Nitro has 20+ seconds of floater too. 3-4 seconds first drop, 3-4 seconds first hill, 4-5 seconds 3rd hill, 4-5 seconds 5th hill (ejector), 2-3 seconds 6th hill and the final 4 bunny hops provide 2-3 seconds each. 20 seconds isn't that hard to do with floater.

Null vote. These are probably the same people who voted El Toro as the 13th best wooden coaster in the world.


Goliath easy. Airtime galore, 4 abrest seating, only lap restraints, feels like you will die. And one of my favorite parts mentioned above, "the helix of death" probably the most forceful part of the ride.


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Social Media Team
4 abrest seating, only lap restraints

Yeah, the difference between Goliath and Nitro's seats and restraints is HUGE. It's not like they're the same or anything...

Anyway, Goliath has been slowly growing on me since it opened, but I think I'd still rather ride Nitro.


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Well, it has to be Goliath for me, , it truly does look like the better coaster, both layout wise and most especially airtime wise.


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Almost said:
^Nitro is now running trim free! It's running amazing these days.


It wasn't in ****ing May! I was disgusted by the trims! They pretty much ruin it!

Nitro was a blast, great fun, amazing first drop and a **** load of airtime... great re-ridability and great fun. But Goliath gets my vote, it looks alot better.