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Ghost Trains - Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

Ghost Trains - Love em or Hate em?

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Roller Poster
However much I love the sense of horror, and fright, I HATE Ghost Trains. Im deffinatly not scared when I go on them (After all Horror is my fab genre in movies) I just dont know what it is that makes me hate ghost trains.

Ghost trains are now squeezing in to be classed as coasters! - But this still dosent make me like them...

I dont know what it is!

Do you love or hate ghost trains?

Mr Nash

Hyper Poster
I wouldn't say that i hate them,just find them extremely boring.

Really cheap and shoddy effects such as bits of string brushing against your face.

I've not really been on a Ghost Train. But, I have been on those lame carnival ride haunted houses where you sit in the cart and it simply just goes inside a room for like, two seconds and the only effects are cardboard skeletons and witches stuck on tacks to the wall. Not to mention the huge blast of deafening air that they blow at you when you're exiting the tunnel.

So, I can't say I don't like Ghost trains but I definately don't like the carnival haunted houses. They're merely ridiculous and stupid.

P.S- Though, I did cry on some when I was about 4.


Hyper Poster
I love/hate them.

I love them because they are the only rides that still scare me ****less.

I hate them because they are scary, but I really love them because of that :p


The Legend
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Social Media Team
Meh. Much overrated. I'd much rather take a hop on a coaster.

Martyn B

CF Legend
Depends where you are really, and it depends on wether its a haunted house or a ghost train.

For example, Phantom Manor at DLP is fantastic, yet its not scary at all, no 'jumpy' bits.

Duel is great as well, with lots of 'jumpy' bits, well there is for me anyway.

Crappy little ghost trains a fairs are real ****e, wouldn't even waste my brains energy thinking about them.

So for me, I'm not going to vote, I like them if they're good, but most of them are bad.

Thrill Yeti

Roller Poster
I 'dislike' them. They are mainly boring, not scary, and provide literally no thrill compared to a coaster. This is based on a few rides on cheap Ghost trains at fairs however. Im sure one with a lot of money spent on it would be quite good.


Matt SR
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Social Media Team
Well, ironically enough, I don't see a ghost trains' goal as being to scare the guests, but merely another type of gentle ride where you are carted around from scene to scene.

Personally, the only ghost train style rides I have been on are the Disney rides and Cedar point's ex Pirate Ride. On all of the rides, I loved the atmosphere, and the transitions from scene to scene.

So yes, I do love ghost trains for their mere ability to give an entertaining ride available to the whole family without any roller coasterish features.


I loth them. I went on one at the Big E in Agawam Mass. and the noises they made were :censored: loud! They were also off, thats the only reason why it freaked me out. We were exitting, out of sight of the event, and then "SCREAAAAAMMM". It shook me a little, but the ride was still horrible. Ha ha. My best friend hates them at a different angle. On a different ghost train, you go through darkness for most of the ride and things pop out and scream. MY BEST FRIEND WAS GRABBING ONTO MY ARM WHILE I LAUGHED THROUGH THE WHOLE THING!!! lmao. I hate 'em cause their boring. (Except The Haunted Mansion)

Stone Cold

Mega Poster
I don't hate them, mainly because I find them so anathemic that they don't polarise me to one extreme or the other. I've never enjoyed one to date yet though.


Mega Poster
Ghost trains aren't that boring. I remember Cedar Points Pirate Ride by Blue Streak. It used to scare the crap out of me. Than again, I was only about 5-6. :lol:

But I wouldn't say I hate them or love them. I am inbetween. Like Snoo said, I would much rather hop on a coaster.



Giga Poster
Unless there is something other to do, such as blasting targets, or if the ride isn't actually scary, I'll always say no to ghost trains. This also goes for horror mazes/walkthroughs and other attractions that are purposefully designed to scare you. I seriously cannot understand why people enjoy being scared. The only reason I do Duel/Tomb Blaster etc. is that they have something to detract attention away from shocks.


^ If you can't understand why people enjoy being scared, then why do you ride roller coasters. Fear and Fun is intertwined to make roller coasters fun. You can't have one element without the other. Ghost trains combine fear and fun by giving you a sudden shock or fright and you can just laugh over it because it's not acctually happening to you. Get it? I don't! :D