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Futuroscope | Mission Kepler | Intamin spinner


This looks amazing! And about that wonky section, maybe it's trick track? I'm guessing, yeah, it's for the dark ride section, but trick track on a spinner would probably be amazing, if done properly! lol :D

Also, yay to the spinning airtime hill!


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Yeah, same. To be fair, this is a risky decision as as not everyone likes spinning rides. Same reason why we need more hypers that invert like Flash.
... What? I think more people will be up for riding this than an inverting hyper coaster, and I think you know that too.


Probably. That was kind of my point, albeit poorly worded. Not everyone likes inversions, so often times hypers don't invert, so everyone can enjoy the biggest, fastest ride in the park. Funnily enough, to the human psyche, over banked turns don't really count haha.