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Funland Trip Report


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Every year, I take a trip down to the shore for a few days as a retreat. We always have stayed in or near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Now aside from the beach and the waterparks, one place I always look forward to visiting is a place called Funland, which is a boardwalk park located on Rehoboth's boardwalk. Not only is it small and it doesnt have a credit (yet...), but it is Delawares only operating Amusement Park attraction that isnt a water park. It doubles as an arcade as well. There isnt much there as its geared to the whole family, none the less has some average and an above average flat ride.
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Ive only seen 2 of these paratrooper rides permenatly fixed and have ridden both. Decent rides, but not the worst out there. 7/10

Typical Pendulum ride with various ride experiences. Always ride the end rows. 7/10

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Glad to see a carousel here. A true classic for any park.

SuperFlip360 is the parks new for 2017 attraction. Its an SBF Visa Mini-Dance Party variant. Best flat ride that Ive ridden not counting Drop Towers. It not only has some great intensity, but it stalls upside down for a good 5+ seconds of hangtime. Only complaint is the seat could be lower and the restraints could be less bulky. Besides that, stellar ride, 9/10

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Lastly is the parks dark ride. Apparently it operates differently than the rest of the place but it was running the whole time I was there. Some nice jump scare moments and some nice charm. 8/10
Funland is a great small boardwalk park in a state without a credit. No need to spend a day here, but it is close enough to OC to make it worth your wile. Hopes to a credit coming soon.
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